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Tihana Gereci
Project role(s): Project leader, documentation, testing
Personal info: born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia; 22 years old, not available :)
Skills & Interests: Java, C#, C, SQL, ...
Hobbies: dogs, skiing, learning foreign languages (English, German and Spanish)
Pesonal Page:
Email: tihana.gereci@fer.hr


Šadi El Assadi
Project role(s): Implementation
Personal info:  born in Varaždin, 2.7.1980., currently living in Zagreb, happily not available ;-p
Skills & Interests:  Java, PHP, web design & programming, bluetooth, big supporter of Open Source community
Hobbies:  free climbing, photography, hiking, traveling...
Pesonal Page:
Email: adrenaline.junk@gmail.com

Marin Martinić
Project role(s): Database design, implementation, testing
Personal info: 23 years old, raised on island of Brač. not available :)
Skills & Interests: Java, C, C#, some C++, SQL, ...
Hobbies: reading (SF/fantasy), playing computer games
Pesonal Page:
Email: marin.martinic@fer.hr

Ivan Štimac
Project role(s): Design
Personal info: from Ursa Minor Beta, available :-p
Skills & Interests: C, C#, C++, Java, Linux, Sql, Tiny, ...
Hobbies: basketball, card games, ...
Pesonal Page: http://www.sharanet.org/~chima
Email: chima@sharanet.org
: 1079533
Skype: chimera_stimi

Ingo Baumann
Project role(s): Implementation
Personal info: Austria, not married and not available (?)
Skills & Interests: Java, SQL, JSP, ...
Hobbies: snowboarding, skiing, football, ...
Pesonal Page:
Email: ibn05001@student.mdh.se

Marco Schweighauser
Project role(s): Implementation
Personal info: Switzerland, not married and who knows...
Skills & Interests: Java, C++, C#, SQL, php, ...
Hobbies: listening to music, reading, computers, ...
Pesonal Page: secret
Email: msr05001@student.mdh.se

David Bernal
Project role(s): "Swedish" team leader, testing, documentation
Personal info: Spain, I'm available ,D  (for girls)
Skills & Interests: Java, a little bit of C, SQL, Component Pascal, Graphical Interfaces, ...
Hobbies: snowboarding, reading and talented music
Pesonal Page:
Email: 509844@unizar.es