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Yoshi Team


Project Description

Damian A. Tamburri is a Ph.D. researcher at Vrije Universiteit - Amsterdam. Damian is the customer of Yoshi
project. The customer wants a software for supporting social community awareness in open-source. He provided the source code of “Yoshi”. Yoshi, is an analytic software for open-source communities, helping different users better understanding the open-source community and getting a good understanding for research and for practice.


The project has two aims:

  • Modify the existing “Yoshi” product
  • Build visualization layer – “Yoshi Vis”

A deliverable of the project is software product. Product’s name is “Yoshi Vis” and it is dependent on “Yoshi” (Eclipse plug-in), providing a visualization and computation layer on top of “Yoshi”. In order to provide the adaptation, proper adaptors should be assigned to the output of “Yoshi”. These adaptors are also work covered by the team in the frames of this project. 



  • The current output of Yoshi should be prepared for adaptation.
  • The product is able to provide proper adapter for the formatted output of Yoshi.
  • The product is able to take decision what type is an observed social community based on the received metrics from “Yoshi”.
  • The product is able to visualize as output the formatted output of Yoshi.
  • The product is able to visualize as output the evaluated decision of the type in text form.
  • The product is able to visualize as output motivation of the taken decision.
  • The product is able to visualize as output the type on the Community Decision Tree in graphical form.



The following is the screenshots of a case test by a community called "android". Figure1 shows the text result of our software while Figure2 shows the visual result generated by Yoshi vis.


Figure1 text result

Figure2 visual result


Figure3 Architecture


  • Python
  • Html
  • Json
  • Java


YOSHI: https://github.com/maelstromdat/YOSHI

YOSHI vis: https://github.com/NinjaTrappeur/yoshi-viz


Yuxing Chen

Personal info:  I am 22 from Guangdong, PR.China. I am used to learn Applied Mathematics. Now I am major in Computer Science and Engineering in Polimi.


Skills & Interests: I like object-oriented programing. I have some experience in internet programming. I like using C++ and JAVA.

Hobbies: football, music

Email: axinggu@qq.com

Other contacts:



Martin Anev

Personal info:  I am currently enrolled in Politecnico di Milano in the program "Engineering of Computing Systems". I am born in Sofia, Bulgaria and lived there most of my life. In Bulgaria I graduated the Sofia University with the program "Information Systems".


Skills & Interests: I enjoy working with Python and Java. I am interested in learning new tools and languages that I have not used already.

Hobbies: ski, snowboard, ultimate frisbee, football, salsa

Email: martianev@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype: makapoh4o (MAKAPOH4O)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/martin.anev



Rizwan Khalid

Personal info: I am 26 year old guy, I completed my BSc (Hons) Information Systems from Brunel University London in 2011. I am originaly from Islamabad, Pakistan but I have been living in UK for last 6 years(2 years in Edinburgh, Scotland). Currently, I am studying for MSc Software Engineering at MDH and in Year 1.


Skills & Interests: Project Mangement, MS Access, SDLC, Oracle, SQL etc.

Hobbies: Hiking, Travelling, Football etc.

Email: rkd14001@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: Skype: rizz.kay

whatsapp: 0046768283414


Félix Baylac-Jacqué


Personal info: I am a French 23 year old guy passionate about IT: I studied in the UPPA university in the south of France. The title of the master in which I am currently enrolled is "Internet Technology", but the content is more about general computer science (model design, computer generated graphics, computer vision, distributed systems, architecture patterns).


Skills & Interests: Fluent C++ programmer. I am also very familiar with internet technologies: javascript client/server side (jquery, nodejs, expressjs, angularjs, …), html5, css3 (bootstrap).

Hobbies: Swimming, paragliding, open source software contribution (mozilla gecko api design,  mozilla loop and clementine currently).

Email: baylac.felix@gmail.com

Other contacts:

Jacques Baylac on facebook

Just search for Félix Baylac-Jacqué in skype.

Sedighizadeh - Hossein


Personal info: I am 30 years old Persian guy, from city Shiraz. Studnt of MSc in Computer Engineering at Polimi and highly interested in Programming specially distributed and also web applications.


Skills & Interests: I am professional in C#.NET specially in web applications. I have a good knowledge in internet programming like HTML/CSS, Javascript and JQuery.

Hobbies: Playing football, cooking and music.

Email: hossein.sedighi161@gail.com

Other contacts:

hossein.sedighi.77 on facebook

hossein.sedighi161 on skype

whatsapp and viber number: +393272480273


Local supervisor

Raffaela Mirandola (raffaela.mirandola@polimi.it)

Remote supervisor

Juraj Feljan (juraj.feljan@mdh.se)

Damian Andrew Tamburri (d.a.tamburri@vu.nl)