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Wikipres is a Web Application that will enable users to collaborate on viewing, creating or editing presentations using the means and features from Wiki engine. The application will help teams who collaborate for project presentations or educational contents. The application is helpful to teachers and students also.

The WikiPres system should be able to import ODP files into the Wiki engine, which should provide the users with a collaborative environment to create, edit and view slides online in real time. The users should be able to add comments to the slides.

The WikiPres system is able to export the slides created and edited by the users to an ODP file preserving the changes. The comments for each slide should be exported as notes in the exported ODP files.  The WikiPres system is  capable of maintaining the revision history of all presentations.


Features of application include:

  • The user is  authenticated to use the WikiPres system.
  • The user is able to import ODP files as WikiPresentations.
  • The user is able to create a new WikiPresentation.
  • The user is able to view a WikiPresentation.
  • The user can select the layout for viewing the WikiPresentation (number of slides at a time)
  • The user is able to add comments on slides of WikiPresentation.
  • The user is able to edit the slides of the WikiPresentation.
  • The user is able to add new slides to the WikiPresentation.
  • The user is able to delete a slide from the WikiPresentation.
  • The user is able to export WikiPresentations as ODP files.
  • The user is able to manage User Profile (password and other details)
  • The WikiPres system is able to maintain a revision history for WikiPresentations.
  • The administrator is able to delete WikiPresentations
  • The administrator is able to add new users
  • The administrator is able to delete users




Hussan Iftikhar
Project role(s): Project Leader, Developer
Personal info: 24, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Masters in Software Engineering 
Skills & Interests: Web Application Development, Query Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Ajaxification of applications
Database Design and Architecture, Data Spider design and development
Technologies: .NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET, AJAX
Programming: C#, Visual C/C++, JavaScript, XML, Visual Prolog
Databases: SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, MYSQL, Oracle 8i
ERP: SAP – SD Sales and Distribution
E- Business Solution:    EDI, Gentran Server
Hobbies: Eat cricket, sleep cricket, drink cricket, breath cricket
My website: http://TopStudyLinks.com
Email: hir09001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Yahoo id: hiftikhar@ymail.com

gmail: hiftikhara@gmail.com

skype: h.iftikhar


 Major Projects: www.barbados.com,  www.maybenow.com, www.wikilead.com,  www.topstudylinks.com


Asad Iqbal
Project role(s): Documentation, Testing
Personal info: Age: 26 year old, City: Gujranwala, Country: Pakistan, Course: MS Software Engineering
Skills & Interests: Idealistic, Client Requirements, Business Analyst, Design and Development 
Hobbies: Research, Computer Games, Movies
Personal Page: 
Email: ail09002@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: msn: asadiqbal83pk@hotmail.com
skype: asadiqbal83pk@yahoo.com


Irfan Ali
Project role(s): Software Quality Analyst, Documentation
Personal info: 25, Pakistan, Master in Software Engineering 
Skills & Interests: Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing  
Hobbies: Playing Computer Games, Surfing Internet, Playing Cricket
Personal Page:  
Email: iai09001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: irfanuuu@livemessanger.com


Romik Guha Anjoy
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: Age: 24, Country: India, Place of Origin: Durgapur, West Bengal, India, Studying: Magister Program in Software Engineering
Skills & Interests: Professional Work Experience: 1 year 10 months
Skills: Java/J2EE, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Microsoft SQL Server, C++, Unix, Oracle
Interests: J2ME, C#
Hobbies: Photography, Internet, Movies, Books
Personal Page: 
Email: rga09001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype: romik.anjoy
Gtalk: romik.03305@gmail.com
Yahoo: romik_03305@yahoo.com

Satish Jaiswal
Project role(s): Developer, Content Coordinator
Personal info: 24, India, Masters in Software Engineering. 
Skills & Interests: C, C# .Net, ASP .Net  
Hobbies: Playing Cricket, chess, Watch movies.
Personal Page: 
Email: skr09003@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: skype :satish.jaiswal
Gtalk : satish.imca
Yahoo Messenger : satish_imca

Mehdi Rahi
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: 25, Bangladesh,Bangladesh, Master in Software Engineering 
Skills & Interests: i worked as a web developer in my country. Worked in a document archiving software company devnet Limited .mainly worked on PHP, ajax,javascript,css,html,xhtml& mysql database
Hobbies: Cricket, Soccer
watching soccer love Barcelona Soccer Club
Personal Page: http://rsmehdihasan.com 
Email: mri09003@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Gtalk: rahimehdihasan006@gmail.com