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Published: 2009-10-12 at 19:58
Project Progress (2009-10-12)

A few updates:
- Zvonko and Ivan are making progress on implementing an extension for the upload and partial conversion of the ODP files
- the goal is to have the extension for the ODP to images (in Wiki) functionality implemented ASAP, and start working on the ODP to Wiki markup method
- a more detailed Wiki specification is being prepared
- implementation of the view/comment slides functionality should begin shortly
- the Design Description document has been uploaded to the Documents section
- the team members in Sweden have come back from their field trip, safe and sound
- the members from the Swedish side will meet with our supervisor at Mälardalen tomorrow
- Zvonko, Ivan and Antonio have exams in weeks 42 and 43 so slightly lower work hours are to be expected. 

Ivan Ačkar
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