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Published: 2009-10-23 at 21:39
Project Progress (2009-10-23)

Here are some news and short notes about our progress:

  • the approaching milestone has (almost) been reached: we are ahead of schedule, some smaller adjustments remain to be done
  • integration of some smaller parts of the project and extensive testing to follow in the next few days
  • presentation for Tuesday is in the making
  • work has started on our next milestone/beta prototype
  • exam weeks are over for Antonio, Ivan, and Zvonko; exams for Adnan, Florian, Paolo, and Rabia to follow in the next few weeks
  • Ivan will be missing out on our Tuesday presentation for medical reasons
  • Antonio will be presenting and Zvonko demonstrating the functionalities of the alpha prototype on Tuesday - our main goal is to impress our supervisor/customer!


This is all for now, stay tuned for more.

Antonio Pošćić
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