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Published: 2009-11-13 at 20:50
Project Progress (2009-11-13)

A few notes about our current project status and recent progress:

  • implementation of the beta prototype has been again finished ahead of schedule (including the fulfilment of the scheduled milestones)
  • presentation of the beta prototype is in the making - Antonio and Ivan to present, Zvonko to assist with the live demonstration
  • additional features not specified in the project requirements implemented ("surprises")
  • some members have been unavailable in the past period which resulted in less work hours overall
  • the completion of some tasks has been especially tedious, additional work hours have been alotted for these tasks
  • we have started working on some elements that belong to the next phase of the project (the current conversion process isn't really "basic", but quite advanced
  • extensive work on the documentation has started
  • several team meetings and meetings with the supervisor/customer have been held.


Antonio Pošćić
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