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The goal of WikiPres is to provide users a way to collaborate on creating and editing presentations while using features and facilities of standard wiki applications. The main feature of these applications is the possibility of quick collaborative online editing of content. WikiPres is designed to provide a conversion from standard presentation formats (Open Documents Presentations - ODP, Microsoft Office PowerPoint - PPT) to wiki markup and vice-versa.

The following usage scenarios can be achieved through WikiPres:

  • the users only comment (annotate) existing slides and presentations
    • privileged users upload presentations
    • regular users add, edit, and delete comments for individual slides in the presentation, chapters of the presentation, or the whole presentation
  • the users use WikiPres as a presentation editing and authoring tool
    • privileged users upload presentations
    • authorized users interactively edit the presentation content (adding new slides, editing and deleting existing slides) - changes are reflected on the actual presentation
    • commenting features from the first scenario are retained.

Both the abovementioned scenarios enable customizable viewing of presentations (including an overview of entire presentations or individual slides), exporting of presentations in standard formats, and viewing slideshows of the presentations.

Possible usages and applications of this approach include:

  • team collaboration on project presenting (corporate
  • joint educational content creation
  • interactive students' content-based learning
  • all the circumstances in which presentation content viewing, commenting and
    improving is needed.

A version of the WikiPres system is available for testing at the following link:

To view a demonstrational video, please click the following link:


Ivan Ačkar

Project role(s): Developer, Documentation, Presentations
Personal info: My name is Ivan and I live and study in Zagreb, Croatia. I'm 23 years old and I'm studying for a Masters degree in the field of computer engineering at FER. 
Skills & Interests: Common languages: C/C++, Java. Web development: JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, basic jQuery. Databases: administration and modelling of relational databases, some experience with object-oriented and object-relational databases. Scripting: Bash and basic Perl/Python. Experience with Windows and Unix-based operating system, mainly Linux. 
Hobbies: Bike riding, long solitary walks, reading various literature, listening to various forms and kinds of music, watching movies and series, playing piano (and learning to play guitar :) ), reading tons of newspaper articles (keeping myself informed), psychology, spirituality.
Personal Page:
iackar314 AT gmail DOT com
Other contacts:


Antonio Pošćić

Project role(s): Project Leader, Documentation, System Administration
Personal info: Age: 24 | Place and country of birth: Rijeka, Croatia | Current residence: Zagreb, Croatia | Academic degree: Bachelor's degree in the field of Computing/Computer Engineering obtained at FER | Currently studying for a Master's degree in the field of Computing/Computer Engineering at FER | Master's Thesis field of research: Programming Language Modelling
Skills & Interests: Good knowledge of the most commonly used programming languages (C/C++, scripting languages such as Perl, Python and PHP, Java) | Web programming & development (HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery) | Open source - Experience in the domain of system and network administration (GNU/Linux and Microsoft operating systems) | Database modelling and administration (object-oriented, object-relational, relational and native XML databases) | Day-to-day use of FreeBSD, GNU/Linux (Slackware, Gentoo, Debian) and Microsoft operating systems
Hobbies: Music (from popular to sheet music and avant-garde genres) | Film (European and Asian film, independent film) | Literature, Philosophy | Photography | Audiophile/high fidelity systems
Personal Page:
anthony455 AT gmail DOT com
Other contacts:


Zvonko Žibrat
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: 22 years old, born in Zagreb and living in Samobor (little town west from Zagreb), studying computer engineering at FER
Skills & Interests: Web - HTML/CSS, XML, JavaScript, PERL, PHP;
C, C++, Java, Embedded system design (VHDL)
Hobbies: Bicyclism, playing football, running
Personal Page:
Email: zvonko.zibrat@fer.hr
Other contacts:

Florian Uunk 

Florian Uunk
Project role(s): Developer, Designer
Personal info: I am a first year's Master student Global Software Engineering, from the Netherlands.
Skills & Interests: Software Engineering and Architecture, Programming
Hobbies: Surfing in summer, snowboarding in winter, different kinds of (team) sports, going out, the usual :)
Personal Page:
Email: feuunk AT gmail DOT com
Other contacts:

 Paolo Di Francesco

Paolo Di Francesco
Project role(s): Developer, Designer
Personal info: 24 years old,i am from Italy, student of the Gseem ( Global software engineering) master program in  computer science.
Skills & Interests: I like programming and working with computers.
Hobbies: playing soccer, reading books, going out with my friends, travelling.
Personal Page: 
Email: paolo_paca AT hotmail DOT com
Other contacts:

Adnan Gohar
Project role(s): Team Leader, Designer, Documentation
Personal info: Age: 25, Country: Pakistan, City: Lahore, Exchange Student from: Lahore University of Management Science LUMS, Pakistan. Studying: MS (Computer Science), Majors: Software Engineering
Skills & Interests: Project Management & Planning,
Implemented RF Planning tool using Java and J2ME, Mobile Application Development on windows and java platform, Basic Knowledge of multicast video broadcasting (IPTV) and VideoLAN, Desktop Application Development (Java and .Net), Web Application Development (Java and .Net), Software Configuration Management (AntHillPro, Cruise Control)
Hobbies: Electronic Gaming, Squash, Table Tennis, Cricket, Net Surfing
Personal Page:
Email: adnangohar AT gmail DOT com
Other contacts:

Rabia Durrani
Project role(s): Developer, Documentation
Personal info: Age: 27, Country of origin: Pakistan, Bachelors: 4 yrs degree in Computer Science, Masters: Msc in Engineering Project Management, (Currently enrolled in 1 yr Software Engineering degree at Mdh)
Skills & Interests: I have worked on desktop based projects in the past, including database related projects. In future, I'd love to work on both windows/web based projects. I love to work on challenging projects, especially the ones related to Rnd, where I enjoy utilizing my analytical and problem solving skills.
Hobbies: skiing, cycling, reading, hiking, music, movies, playing baseball, and all other healthy and thrilling sports activities.
Personal Page:
Email: rabia DOT durrani AT gmail DOT com
Other contacts: