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Published: 2010-09-20 at 22:14
The project is starting...

The VisArch team got to know each other, we had our fist meetings, defined our project vision and started working on our assignments.


I just finished the first weekly report summary and so far I think things are looking very promising!


Also, I want to share something with everyone - a script I just wrote for automatically calculating the project work hours.


It's called cost_calculator.py and it can be downloaded with an example input file working_hours.txt from our repo.


Instructions (can be run on any OS with python installed):

1) write a file in the same directory as the script named working_hours.txt and format it like:

<number of week> <person 1 workload> <person 2 workload> ...

Here's an example for our first week:


1 19 12 6.5 9.25 16 16


2) run the script by issuing the command "python cost_calculator.py" in your terminal/command line

Lučanin Dražen
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