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The Transport4U project is designed to help organize the public transportation system of metropolitan cities. Such complex transportation systems most often consist of many network layers, such as buses, trams or subways. The main goal of the project is to make public transportation more reliable and easier to use for people who heavily depends on it. The project also attempts to automate many of the everyday actions that are currently manually executed.



Transport4U makes your life easier

No more waiting in lines to buy a ticket, no more unexpected delays, no more frustration, from now on Transport4U takes care of public transportation and you! Main features of the system are the following:

  • Users of the system are automatically detected inside the public transportation vehicle
  • Users can buy tickets with SMS
  • User can buy tickets in advance (prepaid tickets)
  • System will automatically use prepaid tickets for billing
  • System automatically records user's routes and calculates user's standard routes
  • User is notified about possible problems in the transport network that might affect his/her
  • User can check all news about the transport network on the web page
  • User can check current status of his/her prepaid tickets
  • User can set preferences on the web page

The organization of public transportation is a real pleasure with Transport4U

Additional features include:

  • Input of transport network structure through a well-defined XML document
  • Handling of several transport layers at once
  • Simple CMS that allows administrators to update current news
  • Integration with Google maps that allows administrators to manage current problems in the network

Transport4U web page:

Home Page


User's profile - Personal information
Admin pages - Insert interruption in a transport line
Admin pages - Add news




Gaurav Kushwaha
Project role(s):  Project Leader, Design, Development, Testing, Documentation.               
Personal info: Born in India. Doing Masters in Software Engineering from MDH
Skills & Interests: Java, PHP, C, C++, MySql
Hobbies: Travelling on bike, Playing computer Games, Badminton
Email: gka10001@student.mdh.se.in, gaurav.gyani@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype: gaurav.gyani, gtalk : gaurav.gyan

Dajan Zvekić
Project role(s): Team Leader, Development Manager, Testing, Documentation, Scrum Manager.                     
Personal info: I am 23 years old and I was born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently studying Information and Communication Tehnology at FER in Zagreb. I have bachelor degree in Computer Science and on course for Master Degree in Information and Communication Tehnology.
Skills & Interests: Communication, organization, process managment, programming ...
Hobbies: Basketball, Gym
Email: dajan.zvekic@fer.hr
Other contacts: 
Live messenger dajan71@hotmail.com, Skype zvekic.dajan, Google talk dajann@gmail.com, Facebook Dajan Zvekic


Toni Pivčević 
Project role(s):  Design Manager, SVN Manager, Documentation.                              
Personal info: age: 22, place of birth: Split,Croatia, education: completing masters degree in CS
Skills & Interests: software development (java, python, c, c#, bash,...), web development (struts2, django, gwt, php, javascript/jquery, ajax, css,...), dba, sysadmin
Hobbies: skiing, cycling, running, tennis, 
  squash, ...
Email: t.pivcevic (google's mail)
Other contacts: 
skype: toni.pivcevic,   linkedin: http://hr.linkedin.com/in/tpivce

Dino Bartošak
Project role(s): Testing Manager, Development, Documentation.                             
Personal info: age:23, place of birth: Požega, Croatia, education: Software engineering
Skills & Interests:  Software development (java, c, c#), Web development (struts2, javascript/jquery, ajax, css)
Hobbies: Tennis, Guitar
Email: dino.bartosak@gmail.com
Other contacts: 
dino.bartosak@fer.hr, skype: dino.bartosak, msn: valerossi4674@hotmail.com

Mahdi Sarabi

Project role(s): Developer          
Personal info: I am 27 years old. I am from Iran but I was born in UAE and grown up there. Later, I moved to Qatar. I studied Computer Science at Qatar University. Then I joined the IT sector of automotive industry science 2006.
Skills & Interests: System analyst, ERD designer, Software developer, SOA
Hobbies: Hiking, Swimming, Ping pong
Email: msarabi@gmail.com
Other contacts: sarabi_mahdi@yahoo.com
skype : sarabi_mahdi


Vengal Rao Pachava
Project role(s): Documentation Manager, Developer.     

Personal info: age 23, India, Nellore, studying masters in software engineering
Skills & Interests: c,c++,html,basics in unix
Hobbies: playing cricket,chating with friends etc.
Email: vpa10001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: 
skype : user id : vengalrao1, facebook : vengalrao87@gmail.com


Muhammad Anwar Islam   
Project role(s): Coordinator, Developer, Design.                   
Personal info: 26, Pakistan, Master in Software Engineering  (2 Year Programme)
Skills & Interests: C#, ASP.net, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005
Hobbies: playing cricket, travelling, some how or some times programming
Email: mar10001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: 
anwarulhaq63 for skype and live messenger, anwarulhaq63@gmail.com for face book



Aneta Vulgarakis (aneta.vulgarakis[at]mdh.se)

Skype: aneta.vulgarakis