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Andreas Drake
Project role(s): Project Manager
Personal info: 26 years old, swedish, from Stockholm but now living here in Västerås with my girlfriend. Have been working for different IT-companies for 2-3 years.
Skills & Interests: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, C, C++ and a lot more... 
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Sailing, Movies, Music, Travel
Pesonal Page:
Email: ade01001(at)student.mdh.se
MSN: andreas_drake(at)hotmail.com

Robert Lundquist
Project role(s): Vice Project Leader
Personal info: 24 years old, swedish, living with my girlfriend in a 2 room apartment
Skills & Interests: C#, VB.NET, XML, SQL Server, C, C++...
Hobbies: Cars, music, movies, photographing, skiing, traveling...
Pesonal Page:
Email: rlt01002(at)student.mdh.se

MSN: robertlundqvist(at)hotmail.com

Vasilis Odontidis
Project role(s):
Personal info: I was born in Thessaloniki,Greece and  I graduated from the department of Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in July 2006 (bachelor degree)
Skills & Interests: Pascal,Fortran,C++,SQL,Java,CPN Tools and I\\\'m interested in everything that includes programming
Hobbies: music,drawing and epic fantasy litterature
Pesonal Page:
Email: vos06001(at)student.mdh.se

MSN & Hotmail: vaccant_planets(at)hotmail.com

Gmail: googlovasilis(at)gmail.com

Asad Saleem
Project role(s):
Personal info: from Pakistan
Skills & Interests: Little bit knowdlege about .NET
Hobbies: cricket,parties
Pesonal Page:
Email: asm05004(at)student.mdh.se,  asad815(at)hotmail.com

Muhammad Usman Ghani
Project role(s):
Personal info: from Pakistan
Skills & Interests: Little Knowledge of C++, Little Knowledge of Oracal 8.
Pesonal Page:
Email: mgi06001(at)student.mdh.se

MSN: usman82_pk(at)hotmail.com

Bruno Samardžić
Project role(s):
Personal info: Born in Derventa, BiH
Skills & Interests: Bit of everything: C#, C++, PHP, Ruby, Rails, SQL, lots of other faculty related stuff. Hardware and so on.
Hobbies: Bit of everything:) Past hobbies included windsurfing, online gaming (Enemy territory ftw:), dancing, now club music, dj-ing, mixing and everything inbetween.
Pesonal Page:
Email: bruno.samardzic(at)gmail-goawayspamers.com

Gabrijel Smoljkić
Project role(s):
Personal info: Born in Osijek Croatia. I am now finishing the last year of automatics.
Skills & Interests: Web development, Lotus Notes, Java ME, Matlab, Interest in medical imaging
Hobbies:   Read books (all kinds), play clarinette, sports
Pesonal Page:
Email: gabrijel.smoljkic(at)fer.hr


Ante Radman
Project role(s):
Personal info: Born in Zadar, Croatia, feeling at home in Croatia and Germany.
Currently I am finishing my interrupted study of computing science here at FER in Zagreb. I am very positive in nature and I insist on respect and tolerance between people.
Skills & Interests: Very broad experience in developing for web and desktop, graphic & information design.
Hobbies: Exploring the laws of graphical beauty, musical harmony, as well as the power and elegance of computer code. I especially enjoy swimming and suggest it to everyone.
Pesonal Page:
Email: ante.radman(at)fer.hr