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What is Software Patterns

Software patterns are descriptions of approved solutions to recurring software design problems. They represent good design solutions and are usually informally described by providing each pattern with a unique, self-explanatory name, pointing out their intent (the problem to be solved), exemplarily sketching the proposed solution, and listing the consequences (advantages and drawbacks). The seminal and most famous book about design patterns was written by the so called gang of four (GoF) and published 15 years ago.


In Paderborn the project group PG POSE developing a tool to formally specify a Software patterns, apply, view applied patterns and recognize applied patterns in unknown code. This tool will effectively organized patterns that are specified by this tool and for this an additional tool is required. The tool that we developed in DSD project helps to describe, manage, categorize and compares and show relationship of patterns.


The objectives of the DSD Software Patterns project were to give a tool helping developers to use appropriate patterns in their programs and software design. The tool provides information about patterns (descriptions, images, relations between patterns, etc.), which can be modified by the user. The user is then able to change and edit all these information, add his own notes, create his own patterns’ catalog, and so on.


Thus, when his catalog is created he can use the plug-in as a documentation tool to find which pattern suits the best to his current work and automatically have the information in his development environment: Eclipse.


Figure-1: Pattern Catalog Editor


The Software Patterns plug-in has much other functionality. It is possible to compare patterns, to see their relations in a graph view, to search for specific patterns, etc.


Figure-2: Advance search


Figure-3: Compare Patterns


Figure-4: Patterns' relations


Figure-5: Eclipse plug-in tool


The final product has been integrated to the PG POSE team project and it is already used by them in conjunction with their tool. It enables opening the editor for creating specifications and applying the specification to the modeling editor from Paderborn.




Marie Christin Platenius

Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: Age: 23, Country: Germany, Field of study: Computer Science (Master)
Skills & Interests: Java, Eclipse, Software Engineering, Software Design, Software Patterns
Hobbies: Volleyball, Piano playing, Programming, Rock Music
Email: *@mail.upb.de
Other contacts: 

Andre Backofen 

Andre Backofen
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: 24 years old, living in Paderborn (Germany), studying computer science (Master), working as student trainee at Wincor Nixdorf
Skills & Interests: Java, Eclipse (Plugins / RCP / GEF / EMF), UML, Design Patterns, ...
Hobbies: Running
Email: *****@mail.upb.de
Other contacts:
Skype: *****


Adnan Biser  
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: Bosnia & Herzegowina, Sarajevo, Informatics, Uni Paderborn (Master)
Skills & Interests: Software Engineering, C++, Java, Eclipse, Design Patterns
Hobbies: Languages, Traveling
Other contacts:


Jan H. Schmalor

Project role(s):  Project Leader
Personal info: Student in the masters course of computer science at the University of Paderborn.

Contact: XING profile


 Dennis Nobel

Dennis Nobel
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: 24, master student in computer science, living in Paderborn
Skills & Interests: Web programming (Java, PHP, CSS, JS), Eclipse and software architecture
Hobbies: playing football


Joachim Meyer
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: Student in the masters course of computer science at the University of Paderborn
Contact: XING Profile

Antonio Moreno Borras
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: I'm 39 years old. I'm from Spain. I had my Bachelor in Computer science in 2008. In 2009 I've been working as java programmer in a company and continuing studing computer science.
Skills & Interests: Mainly Java programmer, hibernate, C#, C, UML, a little of system administrator. MySql, Oracle database
, Jasper reports.
Hobbies: futbol, basket, marcial arts. Cinema.
Email: amo10001
Other contacts: 

Shaibal Barua
Project role(s):  Team Leader
Personal info: 28, Bangladesh, Dhaka, I'm studying Masters in Software Engineering.
Skills & Interests: C#, C/C++, Adobe Flex, Object-Oriented Design and Analysis
Hobbies: Reading books and traveling
Email: sba10001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts:Skype: shaibalit2004, gtalk:shaibalit2004@gmail.com, yahoo:shaibalit2004@yahoo.com



Joanne Chevalier
Project role(s):
Personal info: age: 22, country : FRANCE
Skills & Interests: Web Development, Software Development and Engineering
Hobbies: Karaté, Contemporary Dance
Email: jcr10002@student.mdh.se
Other contacts:  skype : caramiella

  Jasenko Ramljak
Project role(s):
Personal info: I am 24. I was born and live in Zagreb, Croatia. I am outgoing and communicative (obviously)
Skills & Interests: Object oriented programming languages, Object oriented design, Domain driven development, Design patterns, ORM
Hobbies: My main hobby is soccer (futsal) and I like to travel :)
Email: jasenko.ramljak[at]fer.hr
Other contacts: live messenger: zsicky[at]hotmail.com
  Ivica Pađen
Project role(s):  Developer & tester
Personal info: I'm 23 years old. I come from Croatia. I live in Zagreb, the same place where I was born. I study computer science at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Engineering and Computing.
Skills & Interests: C#, Java, Object oriented design, Domain driven developement, MVC/MVP patterns, Database management, Hibernate, ORM
Hobbies: I enjoy playing football and swimming. During the summer I also play beach volleyball. For last two years I studied French. I listen to mostly electro music(house, techno, trance, drum'n'bass). I'm trying to travell as much as possible:)
Email: ivica.paden@fer.hr
Other contacts:MSN: ivica.paden@gmail.com
   Marko Vitas
Project role(s): Team Leader
Personal info: I'm 22 years old and I come from Croatia. I'm studying Software Engineering and Information Systems in Zagreb (FER).
Skills & Interests: java, c#, interested in web and mobile software development.
Hobbies: sports in general & playing guitar
Email: marko.vitas@fer.hr
Other contacts:skype: vitulije14
   Stipe Grbić
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: I'm 23 years old, from Privlaka, Croatia. I'm currently student of fifth year of Software Engineering at FER in Zagreb.
Skills & Interests: Software engineering in general. Object-oriented programming (C# & Java). Object-Relational mapping. Database modelling and administration. Some scripting languages experience.
Hobbies: Music, visiting concerts, cycling, going to movies, going out.
Email: [name].[surname]@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype: [name][surname]



Dietrich Travkin (travkin[at]uni-paderborn.de)


Markus von Detten (mvdetten[at]upb.de)