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a social network intended for professionals


ABB Connect is the starting of a new era. Nowadays, companies are struggling with sticky notes to transfer information between shifts and to share information inside of the company. Until now, it has been a major problem that the sticky notes disappear and the information does not reach the intended receiver. Therefore, we have developed two applications, one for hand-held devices and one for desktop to mitigate these problems by digitalize the sticky notes and also add more necessary features that beautifies the working conditions. ABB Connect connects the users with each other by providing simple and user friendly graphical user interfaces, fast and reliable services and extraordinary features. But it does not end here, ABB Connects also enables connections with a control systems, to let sensors post feeds. ABB Connect also enables that  sensor data can be viewed in real-time with a graphical representation.  


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ABBConnect makes it possible for employees to communicate using a professional social-media and also with a help from an API sensors can also communicate using the same media.


Desktop Users

  • Post a feed with images, tags and in specific categories.
  • Comment on feeds.
  • Get feeds from both sensors and users.
  • See sensor data in real-time.
  • See users profile pages. This includes specific feeds from that user, his activities, personal information and history.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe sensors.
  • Filter feeds.
  • Search users.

Mobile Users

  • Take photo and publish it as a feed.
  • Post a feed with a newly taken photo, tags and in specific categories.
  • Comment on feeds.
  • Get feeds from both sensors and users.
  • See sensor data in real-time.
  • See user/sensor profile pages. This includes specific feeds from that user/sensor, his/its activities, personal information that is clickable to direct call or email.
  • Filter feeds.
  • Search users.


  • Post feeds (alarms and if a boundary has been changed).
  • Send raw data.
  • Have a profile page.


In order to develop our project we used the .NET framework and the language C# in the IDE Visual Studio 2010/2012



  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap


  • Windows Phone SDK 7.1


  • Windows Forms


  • RESTful JSON WCF service
  • Portable Class Library


Tomislav Vresk

Project role(s): User Interface Manager

Personal info: My name is Tomislav and I am 24 years old. Im born in Zagreb and currently I'm at my second year of Master's study at the University of Zagreb

Skills & Interests: C#, ASP.NET, HTML, Silverlight, CSS, JS,T-SQL

Hobbies: playing tennis and videogames

Email: tomislav.vresk@fer.hr

Other contacts: vresk.tomislav (skype)

Mario Milas

Project role(s): Documentation Manager

Personal info: Hello, my name is Mario Milas, age 23; and I'm a student of FER from Zagreb, Croatia. I'm currently studying for my master's in Program Engineering and Information Systems, but I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My interests vary from software development processes to computer graphics, which is a rather wide array, reflected by my skillset. Lately I've been using mostly Java, but I have experience in working with C#, and to some extent, Python. When it comes to web applications, I have worked with Spring (MVC mostly). Also, I have experience in programming for Android. I spend my free time always in good company, going out; or if I need to take it down a notch, playing pen-and-paper games, such as VtM.

Skills & Interests: Programming languages - Java, C# (.net), Python, Perl, PHP
Knowledge of software development process - methodologies (and phases of), common and desirable practices in phases of development, Object oriented design - patterns and principles, Web applications - Spring MVC, Android development. To a lesser extent, but still interested in developing those skills: Computer graphics and modelling, Artificial intelligence.

Hobbies: Paintball, reading, e-sports, pen-and-paper games and events.

Email: mario.milas@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype - mylemim

Akhlaq Malik


Project role(s): Content Storage Manager


Personal info: I am an exchange student from Germany at mdh for the autumn 2013 semester. I am 26 years old and I am originally from Pakistan. I live, work and study mostly in Darmstadt.

Skills & Interests: I work in Ruby but basically as a programmer the principles are same if it's an OO language. I am interested in system scaling and therefore I have learned more about NoSql databases.

Hobbies: I love sports and specially volleyball and soccer. 

Email: amk13004@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: Skype: akhlaqmalik87

Marta Milaković

Project role(s): Team Leader

Personal info: I am 23 years old, from Croatia. I lived most of my life in a small and cozy, coastal city Senj. At the moment, I am a master student of Computer Engineering at the University of Zagreb, but you can often find me traveling around Europe. One of the greatest moments of my life were being an exchange student at Aalborg University in Denmark and being a member of student organization BEST.


Skills & Interests: Experience with object-oriented modelling and design. Interested in Open Source and very enthusiastic Linux user. Knowledge and experience in the following programming languages: C, C++, C#. Some experience in Java and Android development. Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Hobbies: Tennis, swiming, snowboarding, skiing, Linux, photography, drawing, taveling

Email: marta.milakovic@fer.hr

Other contacts: 

gtalk: marta.milakovic, 

skype: marta.milakovic

Ditmar Parmeza

Project role(s): Testing Manager

Personal info: I am 23 years old and I come from Albania. I was born in Shkodra in Northwestern Albania but I moved to Tirana while I was still in High School. I completed my Bachelor studies in Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Tirana in October 2011. I am currently enrolled in the Euroweb program and I am in the second (last) year of my Master studies in Software Engineering at MDH in Sweden.

Skills & Interests: High-Level Programming Languages: C, Java, C#.
I also have knowledge or worked with .NET technology, HTML, CSS and a bit of experience with Xcode and Objective C. Interested in general into participating in several project team works.

Hobbies: Explore different cultures, meet people from different countries, learn new languages (currently English, Italian, Spanish, improving Swedish, basic knowledge in French and Balkan Slavic languages). Favourite sports: Basketball and Volleyball.

Email: dpa12001@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: Skype: ditmar.parmeza
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ditmar-parmeza/82/82a/487, Facebook: Ditmar Parmeza

Robert Gustavsson

Project role(s): Project Manager

Personal info: I'm 24 years old, live in Skultuna 10km north of Västerås with my girlfriend and our kids. I'm studying Software Engineering (120 credits) at MDH and I also did my bachelor in computer science here.

Skills & Interests: I feel confident in the whole .net package, c#, asp.net, vc++, ado.net etc. and also in Java. I've done a lot of different projects and I'm used to work in groups, also management.

Hobbies: I sometimes go to the gym when the time is there, otherwise I spend the most time with the family or in front of the computer working on some own projects.

Email: rgn09003@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: robertgustavsson.com, skype: rgn09003

Dimitrios Symeon Kostopoulos

Project role(s): Requirement Manager

Personal info: My home country is Greece and my hometown is Thessaloniki. In May this year i turned 25. Now i started the second year out of the two for my master program in Software Engineering. My bachelor studies were completed at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and the title of the degree is "Applied Informatics".

Skills & Interests: I am a passionate hard working person. I have good communication skills from previous jobs-volunteering(seller,organizing seminars,leader in kids camp and teacher in an educational organization) and good organizational skills after some master projects. I am confident with Java and C#. Knowledge of ASP.NET as server side and HTML, CSS for front end. I am interested in mobile apps and testing.

Hobbies: When i am not trying to improve my skills, i mostly choose active hobbies. I enjoy playing football, beach volley, water sports and basketball. In Greece during my teen years i was playing in a basketball team for six years. Also, for a short period i liked paintball, even though it's painful. When i am not doing any sport activities I like to read detective novels.

Email: dks12001@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: Facebook: Dimitris Kostopoulos, Skype: sim_pm36

Pierfrancesco Ranieri

Project role(s): Database Manager

Personal info:  I come from Italy, and my home city is Pescara, but I lived also a year in Caserta and Rome for work, and a year in L'Aquila for study. I'm 25 years old, and my bachelor degree is in economy and computer science. I'm following the master course in computer science at the university of L'Aquila, and I'm here in Vasteras only for one semester for an exchange study period.

Skills & Interests:  as you can see, my bachelor degree is not only in computer science, so I'm not a very skilled programmer. I'm good with Java, but I know also other languages like PHP,HTML,CSS, a little bit of C and C++, and I'm just learning C# and .NET.

Hobbies: I use to play Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, but I'm also good in Caribbean and Standard dances. I love classical reading, films, eating & drinking in company.

Email: pfkjs@hotmail.it

Other contacts: 


 Federico Ciccozzi -- federico.ciccozzi[at]mdh.se -- Skype: ettiotta


 Aneta VulgarakisAneta Vulgarakis (aneta.vulgarakis[at]se.abb.com)