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About application:

SNA4Slack is a web application that visualizes and analyses social networks built upon Slack conversations within public channels. Since Slack is widely used by many people, in business and private life, this application can contribute to better project management, efficiency and success of many business and private projects. The system gives a better perception of the relationships within the team, thus providing an opportunity to detect communication problems and improve both communication and teamwork.

For live version of application please visit: https://sna4slack.com


Application usage:

  1. Create account on https://sna4slack.com/register
  2. Log in with your credentials https://sna4slack.com
  3. Create export of your slack workspace https://[your_workspace].slack.com/services/export (you need to be an admin to do it)
  4. Click on + sign to add new archive
  5. To create analysis of your uploaded archive by choice visit https://sna4slack.com/dashboard/analyse
  6. You can check all of your analysis results on https://sna4slack.com/dashboard/results

* to see list of all of your slack workspce admins visit https://[your_workspace].slack.com/account/team


What can application do for you?

  • You can see who is communicationg with who and filter view for clearer results


  • A lot of different graph metrics

  • Share results with friends


About team:

The project team consists of 6 students. Three of them are studying at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (University of Zagreb, Croatia), one studying at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science (University of Zagreb, Croatia) while the other two are students at School of Innovation, Design, and Engineering (Mälardalen University, Sweden). The team members have different locations, native languages, cultures and engineering backgrounds. A great effort was put into setting up the distributed environment in which we all can work together as a real team.

Team communication


Tech stack overview:


  • Angular4
  • Django
  • Docker
  • Gunicorn
  • Jenkins
  • Nginx
  • PosgeSQL
  • Sonarsource
  • Ubuntu


Tools used:

  • Asana
  • Doodle
  • GitHub
  • Google (calendar, drive, hangouts)
  • Slack