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Schematic Map - Västerås Student Accommodation

(Powered by Schematizing Maps V1.3)


What is Schematizing Maps?

- Short description

    Schematizing Maps is a standalone Java application for drawing and schematizing of an input map, licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

- Long description

    A schematic map is a map that doesn't preserve topographical relations between the landmarks, but is more interested in relative relations between points of interest. Most commonly known example is a metro map, such as pictured below. 

    Schematizing maps application aims to provide a user-friendly way of drawing a topographically correct map by tracing over an existing map, and then to schematize it and export as an image for futher work and design in other image editing software. The application has been built as a standalone Java application, which can be used on any platform capable of running Java Virtual Machine.


How does it work?


Draw on real map                                                             Then schematize it


Yes, that's all! 


Where can you find it?

    To download the application, simply navigate to the Documents section of Schematizing Maps project, and look for the application in the Final Product folder.






Dominik Pavlović

Project role(s):  GUI design, general programming, documentation                      
Personal info: Age - 25, Origin - born in Nova Gradiška, Croatia, living in Velika Gorica, Studiying - computer engineering on Faculty of electrical engineering and computing
Skills & Interests: Java, SQL, C/C++, basics of PHP, HTML, CSS
Interested in programming, software development, OO programming, enterprise level applications
Hobbies: Reading, RPG's, basketball, movies and series
Email: dominik.pavlovic@fer.hr
Other contacts: Facebook - Dominik Pavlović
Skype - dominik.pavlovic (dpavlovic@infoart.hr)


Ramesh Nagilla
Project role(s): Tester, SVN administrator, Google groups, General Programming, Documentation                 

Personal info: 24 years old, India, Guntur, Masters in software engineering (1 year)
Skills & Interests: C, Core Java, Html, PHP, basics of Unix, Website updating and validating, CRM management, Email campaign, MS Office and outlook, Internet/Google search, Creating presentations, Keeping Website current, Interest: Creating and developing softwares for business purpose, interested to work in opensource softwares, creating innovative Websites, developing and managing the Websites
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, browsing Internet
Email: rna10002@student.mdh.se
Other contacts:
Skype: rameshn218


Adis Mustedanagić  
Project role(s): Team Leader of FER, Algorithm Programming, Visual design                                
Personal info: Age: 24, Born and living in: Croatia, Stuyding: Information and communication technology at FER
Skills & Interests: Programming (Java, C/C++, Python, Haskell), Computer networks, A pinch of web design (HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP)

Hobbies: Martial arts, Medieval swordsmanship, Running, Bicycling, Paintball
Email: adis.mustedanagic[at]fer.hr
Other contacts:
ICQ: 96158012
MSN: luc1fel[at]hotmail.com
GTalk: adis.msg[at]gmail.com
Skype: adis.msg


Martin Vrkljan
Project role(s): GUI design, resource gatherer                Personal info: 24 years old, born and living in Zagreb, Croatia. Studying software engineering at FER and working as a web developer at Fiktiv d.o.o.
Skills & Interests: Skilled and interested in web development, both client- and server-side scripting (HTML/CSS, JS/jQuery, PHP, MySQL).
Also interested in designing/building software for mobile devices based on Android OS. Little experience in this area, though.
Hobbies: Occasionally I play the guitar, but mostly I entertain myself with boardgames and/or tabletop war games and miniature painting/sculpting. Web development/design sometimes creeps into my free time, but I try to keep it to a minimum and separate work from private life. :)
Email: martin.vrkljan@fer.hr
Other contacts:
Skype: martin.vrkljan
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/martin.vrkljan
Linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/martin-vrkljan/14/686/a90


Pavel Chen
Project role(s): Software design, general programming, documentation                                 
Personal info:
Country of origin: Uzbekistan
Program enrolled: Master in Software Engineering (1 year)
Previous degree: Bachelor in Computer Science
Skills & Interests: Systems Analysis and Design, Project Management, Programming
Hobbies: Tennis, reading global news, listenning to electronic music, watching boxing
Email: pcn10003[at]student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype - pavel.chen
Facebook - facebook.com/pavel.chen
Gtalk and gmail - pavel.chen[at]gmail.com

Zhixiang Gao

Zhixiang Gao
Project role(s): Project leader, Document and team coordination, algorithm programming.
Personal info: I was born in Nanjing, China. Graduate student (2010 - 2011) in Mälardalen University. Major in software engineering.
Skills & Interests: I'm familiar with industrial software development and project management. Good at algorithm, OOD&OOP, integrated test and documentation.
Hobbies: Travel, swimming, basketball, photography, tactical games, movies.
Email: zgo10001[at]student.mdh.se
Other contacts: 
Skype: zhixiang.gao
Facebook: facebook.com/gaozhixiang

Gmail: gaozhixiang[at]gmail.com



Ana Petričić (ana.petricic[at]fer.hr)