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Jens Frieben
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: Age 28, born and living in Germany, currently studying computer science (master) with economics  as minor,
worked after apprenticeship ~2 years as consultant.
Skills & Interests: Java and Java Web-Technologies (J2EE, Struts, JSP, JSF), JINI, Visualbasic Script, Windows Powershell,
packaging with WISE/Netinstall, Citrix/WTS, System Center Essentials (SCE), MCSA certificate, Eclipse Plugin Development (incl. EMF, GMF/GEF)
Hobbies: Sports (badminton, fitness studio, bicycle), electric bass (music in general), blender 3D (modelling and 3D visualization)
Email: friebenj@mail.upb.de
Other contacts: Skype "xray-jf", ICQ "177287668", Facebook "Jens Frieben"
  Daniel Loechelt
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: 25, Germany, Kassel, computer science
Skills & Interests: Java, UML, Eclipse, ...
Hobbies: Football
Email: loechelt@upb.de
Other contacts: Skype: daniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 
  Sascha Burdick
Project role(s): Project Leader and Team Leader (GER), Master Chef
Personal info: 26, Germany, studying computational engineering (Diploma) in Paderborn
Skills & Interests: Java, PHP, Matlab Simulink, computer networks and diverse engineering skills...
Hobbies: I am a keen swimmer and swimcoach in a swimclub.
Other contacts: Skype - DrBrain_1000 , ICQ - 66125640

Josip Jurić
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: 22 years old, Croatia, Zaprešić (near Zagreb);

born in Gradačac (Bosnia and Hercegowenia), lived 6 years in Germany (Bad Harzburg), now since '98. in Croatia;

studying Software engineering, 5th year at FER
Skills & Interests: .NET (C#, VB, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC), SQL (MS SQL, MySQL, Informix, ...), Web (HTML, AJAX, PHP, CSS, ..)
Hobbies: The guitar, Soccer, Tenis, Movies, ...
Email: josip.juric4@fer.hr
Other contacts: Msn - n0g0la@hotmail.com, Skype - nogola


Zvonimir Zoltán Marić
Project role(s): Team Leader (HR), Developer
Personal info: I am 23, born in Zagreb, Croatia. I am currently studying computer engineering at FER with special interest in general purpose GPUs and video compression on SIMD (Single Instruction stream, Multiple Data stream) architectures (such as GPGPUs :)
Skills & Interests: My bachelor's degree thesis was on 3D simulation of brittle material fracture and shattering. The emphasis was more on 3D animation than on physical accuracy. The final simulation application was made entirely in C / OpenGL. However, as mentioned above, I have since changed my specialization to GPGPU architectures and video compression, particularly the HD video compression standard - H.264
Hobbies: Cycling (only from home to uni and back:), basketball, beach voleyball, going to Budapest :), playing the piano
Email: zvonimir-zoltan.maric@fer.hr
Other contacts:

MSN: zoltaaaan@hotmail.com,

Facebook: facebook.com/zoltaaaan

Skype: zzmaric


Miroslav Vrbanac
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: I am 22 year old student from Croatia. Currently living in Zaprešić, a small suburb near Zagreb and studying Software Engineering and Information Systems on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.
Skills & Interests:  
.NET, C#, VB, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server, CSS, HTML, Java, JSP,  software architecture
Hobbies: practiced Taekwondo, learning french on my own, watching movies
Email: miroslav.vrbanac@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype - gljivarm, msn - gljivarm@hotmail.com, 120015556 - ICQ (rarely used), miroslav.vrbanac@gmail.com


Mikael Krekola
Project role(s): Team Leader (SWE), Developer
Personal info: 26 years old, native Swedish. Studying my final semester on the SE Master program.

Skills & Interests: Low-level stuff, design, architecture
Hobbies: Enjoying whatever life has to offer
Email: mikael@krekola.se
Other contacts:

Skype: krekola
MSN: krekola@akudama.net
Gmail: mkrekola@gmail.com


Mohsin Khan
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: Age: 24 Year, City: Lahore,Country: Pakistan, Master Program in Software Engineering
Skills & Interests: System Development, System Analysis
Hobbies: Playing Snooker, Playing Cricket
Email: mjd09001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts:

Hotmail: mohsinjk@hotmail.com,

Yahoo: mohsinjk@ymail.com,

Skype: mohsin.jk, Facebook:


Vinay Hiremath
Project role(s): Developer
Personal info: Age: 22, Country: INDIA, Place of origin: GADAG, KARNATAKA. Studying Masters in Software Engineering ( 1 year program)
Skills & Interests: C ,C++,UNIX, MS-DOS, DBMS , SQL
Hobbies: Singing, Painting, Drawing, Playing Basket ball, Chess , Listening music
Email: vinnu_world@yahoo.com
Other contacts: Yahoo messenger: vinnu_world@yahoo.com, Gmail:  crazyvinay@gmail.com, Facebook: crazyvinay@gmail.com

Skype: hiremath.vinay