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Published: 2007-11-05 at 17:25
Edited: 2007-11-05 at 17:26
Hi, everybody!

There was a project group meeting today. Here is some documentation on the meeting:

Monday 5/11-07
13:00 - 15:15

Alexander Penner
M. Rafique Danish
Luka Lednicki
Ivan Ferdelja

Much discusson on alternative tools for generating UML Component diagrams.
StarUML was discarded because of non-compliance with UML2. Eclipse plugin
Topcased UML had missing implementation regarding interfaces and ports. NetBeans
5.5 was accepted for further study, but found to comply with previous mentioned

Discusson on the use of DTDs for specifying the different diagrams. DTD for
SaveCCM was located. Specification of UML-SaveCCM is yet undicided. DTD may be
constructed or a UML profile with custom stereotypes may be required depending
on customer demands.

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6/11-07 at 20:00, agreed upon by meeting
participants. The next meeting will discuss the details of the project plan to
be presented this Thursday 8/11-07. This will include project description and
roles for the project members.

A meeting with customer Ivica Crnkovic will be held on Wednesday 7/11-07.
Questions to be forwarded at the meeting should be sent to me no later than one
hour after the next project group meeting.
These minutes were written by Alexander Penner, but he can't log in yet, so I am posting this.
Luka Lednicki
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