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Published: 2007-11-12 at 16:26
Edited: 2007-11-14 at 21:44

Individual week reports must be sent to the local team leader every Sunday evening at the latest. The local leaders will then combine the reports into a Summary Week Report that is finalized by the PM and published on this web site. The SWR and the individual reports are sent by the PM to Rikard Land and Aneta Vulgarakis on Monday of each week.


I noticed some inconsistencies in the week reports sent to me. For the following reports please have these items in mind:

  • Format of date.
    • Write the date on the form YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Bolded vs. non-bolded text in text-boxes.
    • Follow the template, even if it looks weird. At least for now.
  • Text-alignment in tables.
    • Again use the layout from the template for now.
  • What to count as working hours.
    • Everything course related should be entered into the report. This includes hours for meetings and lectures/presentations.
  • Hours spent for each activity
    • Enter separate hours for each activity and list their names in the same order as their durations. The SWR focuses on hours spent on activities and not hours spent by project members.
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