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News and reports of companies recalling their products make customers cautious about their purchases. They wish to avoid potential risks to themselves or their loved ones and select products which are safe. The goal of this project is to develop an application that could protect customers from harmful goods by providing them with advices or detailed reports about what they want to buy.



Our application focuses on food related products, and is be able to inform customers about harmful contents that might cause health problems. As an example, to people that have certain conditions or allergic reactions to some substances, the application suggests not to buy products that might harm them according to product content and preconfigured ingredients watch list. Furthermore, customers are informed if there is recall history or safety incident reports linked to the manufacturer that produces the products they want to buy.


Main features:

  • search products by name

  • search products by scanning their barcode

  • see product details, warnings, contents

  • create a user profile

  • create a shopping list


Additional information

Additional information about the application and the project can be found under documents.


Thank You

In the end we would also like to thank DSD course staff and especially to Marin Orlić for all of the advices he has given us during the course.




Juraj Murgic

Project role(s): Project manager, Server side developer


Personal info: I'm a 24 year old student from Croatia. I was born in Croatia on the forth of march in 1988. I'm currently studding Program Engineering and information systems at FER. I have received my Bachelors degree in 2011.  
Skills & Interests: OO programing, OO modeling, mathematical modeling  
Hobbies: cycling, hiking, playing guitar, watching documentaries, music, concerts, volunteer work
Email: juraj.murgic@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype - zoki_veliki (juraj.murgic@fer.hr) Facebook - Juraj Murgic Dropbox - juraj.murgic@fer.hr gmail - juraj.murgic@gmail.com
Personal Page:



Saša Marjančić

Project role(s): SVN manager, Server side developer

Personal info: My name is Saša Marjančić. I am 24 years old, born on 1.4.1988. in Zagreb, Croatia. I am studying computing at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing. I have finished bachelor study of computing at the same university in 2011.  
Skills & Interests: Programming, debugging, presenting  
Hobbies: Playing football, running
Email: sasa.marjancic@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype - miskecfer Facebook - Saša Marjančić Live messenger - s.marjancic2@vip.hr gtalk - s.marjancic@gmail.com
Personal Page:



Zelimir Kompes

Project role(s): Android developer, User interface designer, Project coordinator


Personal info: I'm 24 years old and I'm from Croatia. I was born in Zagreb, on May 18th, 1988. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Information and communication technology at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, member of the University of Zagreb. At the same university I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computing in 2011. I am a very positive person and I'm looking forward to work on this project and gain some new valuable teamwork experience.
Skills & Interests: Android SDK, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, XML

Hobbies: Cycling, basketball, running, traveling, exploring new places, learning languages
Email: zelimir_kompes@hotmail.com
Other contacts: Skype - zela988
Personal Page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/zelimirkompes 



Fouad Yaseen

Project role(s): Code style supervisor, Android developer

Personal info: I'm 22 years old and I'm from Lahore, Pakistan. I've been studying in BS in CS at Lahore University of Management Sciences. I have experience developing commercial mobile phone games, apps and server side programming.  
Skills & Interests: C/C++, Java, MATLAB, SQL, Assembly, Python, JavaScript. Android SDK, Marmalade SDK, Google PlayN, Rokon Engine, Cocos2d-x, Box2d, OpenGL, OpenKinect SDK, OpenCV, OracleDB.
Hobbies: Photography, Trekking and hiking, horse-riding, skiing.
Email: fouad2000@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype: fouad.yaseen Facebook: facebook.com/fouady
Personal Page:



Xiaowei Ma

Project role(s): Code style supervisor, Database developer, Data gatherer

Personal info: I'm 30, and am from China. Now I'm studying a 1 year master program in software engineering in MDH. In China I received my bachelor degree in information engineering in 2003, and since then I started my career as a support engineer for telecommunication equipment producer. Apart from being a student now, I'm also an employee from Ericsson China, as a Integration and Verification engineer for Radio network product.
Skills & Interests: Python limited .NET experience telecommunication protocol,eg. no.7 signalling and 3GPP 
Hobbies: Watching movies Swimming Playing soccer
Email: xma12001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype : maxw912
Personal Page:



Trevor Jagerfield

Project role(s): Team leader, Database developer, Data gatherer

Personal info: I am 47, single. I studied Electrical Eng. in Iraq and graduated 1987. I worked with SW testing and test automation since 1996. I used C, C++, C#, VB. For example I worked on maintaining and further developing a sophisticated "MFC application for phase equilibrium calculations" at Danish Technical Institute Chemical Engineering Department. At another company I used C# and Selenium - Web Browser Automation, to develop a program that tests GUI and browser applications, also automatically sending and retrieving SMS.
Skills & Interests: - Automation of test processes and application development. - Verification and debugging of software programs. - Schematic drawing and PCB design. - Electronic and mechanical trouble shooting of fixtures. - Programming in C++, C and C#.  
Hobbies: I like to go to gym when I have time. Reading commenting on US news. Playing BF3 Working on a HW, SW project. I am doing a device to measure temperature and pressure and send information to a website on the internet.
Email: jagerfield@yahoo.com
Other contacts: Skype: jagerfield Yahoo: jagerfield: jagerfield@yahoo.com MSN: jagerfield: jagerfield@hotmail.com
Personal Page:


 Marin Orlić (marin.orlic[at]fer.hr)