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The aim of RiderTrack is to provide a user-friendly management service for outdoor sports events and to support multiple input forms of tracking sources, even ones not introduced yet. The project main goal is to simplify the organization behind an event and, at the same time, to foster the participation of the athletes to whichever kind of race they could be interested in joining. To reach this scope, a flexible and extensible system has been developed, with the aim of integrating tracking data from multiple sources. On one hand, the system guarantees a noteworthy savings for the event administrator, who won’t be forced anymore to provide necessarily a specific professional tracking device to each participant of the race, and on the other hand, it allows athletes owning whichever different tracking device to compete all together in the same race, each of them with their already owned gadget.


System Architecture & Technologies



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Giulia Leonardi

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: I'm 23 years old, I come from Senigallia (AN) and I've lived in Milan for 4 years. B.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, currently Master's student of Computer Science and Engineering. .

Skills and interests: Mainly interested in UX research, application development and software engineering.

Hobbies: Swimming, mountain walking

E-mail: giulia.leonardi@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: Skype - giugixx13
Facebook - Giulia Leonardi

Alessandro Caprarelli

Project role(s): Product owner

Personal info: I'm Alessandro and I just turned 24. I'm from Italy, a little village in the center of Italy, and now I'm currently living in Milano for studying at Polimi.

Skills and interests: Full stack developer

Hobbies: Running

E-mail: caprarelli.alessandro@gmail.com

Other contacts: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alessandro.caprarelli
Skype: caprarelli.alessandro

Marzia Degiorgi

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: I'm a 24 years old Italian girl that lives near Bergamo. I currently study Computer Science Engineering and previously I graduated in Telecommunication engineering.

Skills and interests: Interest in the entire process development, starting from an idea and ending up with the creation of a product (application, Advanced user interface, robotics and software in general)

Hobbies: Painting, Photography, Cooking, Travel, Trekking

E-mail: marzia.degiorgi@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: Skype (marziadegio)

Mariano Etchart

Project role(s): Scrum Master

Personal info: I study Electronic and Electrical engineering at Loughborough University. Although coming from Argentine parents, I was born in Brisbane, Australia. I am doing an exchange of Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering at Polimi.

Skills and interests: Robotics, AI, Web development

Hobbies: Coding for fun, and hackathons and playing the bass guitar.

E-mail: mariano.etchart@gmail.com

Other contacts: "Skype: mariano.etchart
Facebook: Mariano Etchart"


Ante Breščić

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: I'm 23 years old student from Croatia. I'm currently attending master program of Computer engineering, FER in Zagreb where I've got my bachelor degree in 2016.

Skills and interests: Embedded systems, Web Development

Hobbies: playing football, watching all kind of sports

E-mail: ante.brescic@fer.hr

Other contacts: Facebook - Ante Breščić
Skype - Ante Breščić

Ivan Kvesić

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Hello. My name is Ivan and i'm 23 years old. I was born in Zagreb,Croatia, where I finished elementary and high school. Currently i'm studying at FER where i've got bachelor degree in 2016. I'm studying for master's degree in computer engineering.

Skills and interests: C, C# programming

Hobbies: Playing sports and playing sport games

E-mail: ivan.kvesic@fer.hr

Other contacts: "Facebook Ivan Kvesić
Gmail ikvesic94@gmail.com"

Josip Mališa

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Hello, my name is Josip, I'm from Pazin, Croatia, 24 years old. Also a FER student in Zagreb with an bachelor degree in Computer Engineering.

Skills and interests: embedded systems, group work, eager to learn new languages and skills

Hobbies: Playing futsal, pub quizes, travel...

E-mail: josip.malisa@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype (josip.malisa)
Facebook (Josip Mališa)


Local supervisor

Elisabetta Di Nitto (elisabetta.dinitto@polimi.it)

Remote supervisor

Ivana Bosnić (ivana.bosnic@fer.hr)


Project customer

Michal Young - SCORE project proponent