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Anuradha Suryadevara
Project role(s): Project Leader
Personal info: I am from India, previously done a Masters in Physics and currently doing 1yr masters program in software engg at MdH
Skills & Interests: C, C++, beginner at Java (servelets, beans), UML
Hobbies: yoga, cooking
Personal Page:
Email: asa08003@student.mdh.se  
Other contacts: anujug@gmail.com

Bariša Obradović
Project role(s):
Team Leader
Personal info:
born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20.03.1986,student of computer science at FER, 5th year, living in Zagreb
Skills & Interests: C,c++,java,few things about databases
Hobbies:  chess, reading, running, comp games, relaxing and partying
Personal Page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=704038015&ref=profile
Email: bbaja42@gmail.com
Other contacts:  msn(bbaja42@hotmail.com),skype: bbaja42

Guido Diodato
Project role(s): Design manager
Personal info:student of computer science at the University of l'Aquila(Italy), now exchange student at Malardalen University. 23 yrs old
Skills & Interests:C, C++, PHP, JAVA (JSP, Servlet), Web (HTML, CSS, few thing about JavaScript and AJAX) Database and C#... sorry but I'haven't any experience with professional GUI.
Hobbies: Anime & Manga,
Personal Page: 
Email:guido.diodato@gmail.com(also gtalk)
Other contacts:guidodiodato(Skype),guido85@hotmail.it(MSN)

Josip Maričević
Project role(s): SVN manager, Tester, document manager
Personal info: I come from Croatia, 23 years old, and I'm studying computer science at FER.
Skills & Interests: C, C++, OpenGL, GPU programming (pixel and vertex shaders), some knowledge about databases (mainly Informix and MSSQL), C#, beginner at Java
Hobbies: skiing, computer games, cycling
Personal Page:
Email: josip.maricevic@fer.hr
Other contacts: gricalus@gmail.com (gtalk), Gricalus (Skype)

Vidar Rinne
Project role(s): Requirements manager, UML manager
, REMES help, tools definition
Personal info:
I'm from sweden, 24 years old, now studying my 4th year in Computer Science: Game Development & Interaction at Mälardalen University.
Skills & Interests:
C, C++, Java, 2D, 3D programming (mostly OGL). Beginner in HTML, CSS. Some VB.NET and beginner in SQL.
Same as above.
Personal Page:
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619971254 and www.malardalengames.se
Other contacts:
vidarrinne@hotmail.com (MSN), vidarrinne (Skype)

Krešimir Krečak
Project role(s): Document manager, coding
Personal info: I'm from Croatia, somehow still a student of computing at FER, living and working in Zagreb, last few years trying to figure out how to squeze life, study and work into 24hrs available per day.
Skills & Interests: C/C++, C#, VB.Net, x86/68k/PPC assembly, STL/Boost, Win32, MFC, WTL, SQL (mainly Oracle), PHP ...

Interests? Anything non computer related sounds pretty interesting lately.
Hobbies: Sailing, Skiing, Squash, Tennis ...
Personal Page:
Email: kresimir.krecak@gmail.com
Other contacts: 22716920 (ICQ), Kresimir Krecak (Skype)

Pablo Ibañez
Project role(s):
Graphical manager
Personal info: Born in Spain,
21 years old, i'm an exchange student (erasmus). Now studying my 4th year in computer science.
Skills & Interests: Java, C++, SQL, PHP, UML, HTML, CSS,
Hobbies:  Traveling, football, cycling.
Personal Page: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/profile.php?id=559459595&ref=profile
Email: pabloiveron@gmail.com
Other contacts:  msn(pabloiveron@hotmail.com),skype: pabloiveron