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The RelSem Bridge allow to use relational databases tools to access semantic data from multiple heterogenous data sources. Bridge provides a relational adapter to semantic data. Through its administration panel it enables viewing the data available in multiple semantic endpoints (DBPedia) and construction of relational schema from available data. Bridge implements PostgreSQL database protocol which in return enables users to connect to bridge using Postgres JDBC type 4 protocol and query semantic data sources utilizing existing relational tools.



  • JDBC
  • Jena API
  • Jersey
  • Javascript
  • backbone.js
  • underscore.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS



  • Data adapters for both local and semantic data sources
  • Support for table creation and modification
  • Support for PostgreSQL protocol





Mladen Subotić

Project role(s): Project Manager, Backend Developer

Personal info: Hi, my name is Mladen Subotić, 2nd year software engineering master student at FER, Zagreb, from Vukovar. 


Skills & Interests: Back-end development, mainly in the Java ecosystem. Extensive experience with the relational and nosql database solutions and modeling. Front-end experience with js, android and GWT.

Hobbies: hiking and cycling

Email: mladens42@gmail.com

Other contacts: linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mladen-subotic/64/262/6a1

Ivan Lučin

Project role(s): Frontend Developer, Git admin

Personal info: I'm 21 years old and I'm from Rijeka. I finished gymnasium and bachelor's degree (Computer Science) at Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka and then decided to enrole in master's programme on FER to get better education and expirience. I'm passionate about technology and music.

Skills & Interests: I'm not that much of a hardcore computer scientists but a software developer kind a guy that prefers open technologies and open source philosophy. Even though I like to develop on many environments and platforms I prefer web development the most. In my development process, I like to pay attention to good and modular software design and I always try to write quality and readable code. 

Hobbies: playing guitar, recording and producing music, gym, running

Email: ivan.lucin@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype: ivan.lucin, Hangouts: lucin.ivan@gmail.com, Facebook: facebook.com/lucin.ivan

Rafael Contreras

Project role(s):

Personal info: I am a spanish student who come from Granada. I'm studying computer science at ETSIIT (etsiit.ugr.es) although I would like dedicate to develop applications related to industrial engineering, vehicles or artificial intelligence.

Skills & Interests: sociable, work in groups, responsible.

Hobbies: Sports, music

Email: rafacr1913@gmail.com

Other contacts: Live Messenger-rafacr1913@hotmail.com

Georgy Shabunin

Project role(s): Backend Developer

Personal info: I am 21 year old MSc student at Politecnico di Milano. This is my first year of MSc in Engineering of Computing Systems. I come from Moscow, Russia. I got my Bachelor degree in MIREA (Bachelor in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science).

Skills & Interests: Computer engineering. For short.

Hobbies: Software engineering, travelling, snowboarding etc.

Email: georgy.shabunin@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: Skype: wgeorgia

Michele Castellana

Project role(s): Team Leader, Backend Developer

Personal info: I'm 24 and I was born in Palermo, Sicily. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in software engineering and I'm a Master of Science student in software engineering.

Skills & Interests: Java, software design and unit testing. Good experience with Windows Phone development. I like learning new frameworks and new ways to solve problems. Careful to details, patient in bug hunting, good listener, sympathetic.

Hobbies: Football (play and watch), cook.

Email: blacklion727 AT gmail DOT com

Other contacts: LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michele-castellana/6a/26b/414

Željko Kraljević

Project role(s): Backend Developer

Personal info: My name is Zeljko Kraljevic, I was born in Sarajevo, BiH, 23 years ago. I'm currently in my second year of masters, Computer Science.

Skills & Interests: In the last two years my area of work is Artificial Intelligence ( NLP, Machine Learning, Neural Networks etc.). Before that, I have made a lot of web pages and desktop applications mainly in Java.

Hobbies: My hobby is snowboarding ( but only during the winter, I really don't like it in the summer). Except for that I like my guitar and lots of other things that are not mine.

Email: zeljko.kraljevic@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype - w_is_h, Facebook - zeljko kraljevic, gtalk - w.kraljevic@gmail.com ( prefered )

David Riobo

Project role(s): Backend Developer

Personal info: My name is David. I'm 21 years old. I am from Ferrol, a small city situated in Galicia, the North-West region of Spain. I've been studying Information and Communications Technology engineering at University of Vigo 3 years, and know I'm finishing my Bachelor here in Zagreb, where I'm mostly studying Computer Science.

Skills & Interests: 
Good communicator, open to discussions. Capacity of leadership. English level: B2,  Knowledge mostly in Internet programming: Web Services, webpages, networks programming (Cisco Systems),... Database using and theory too, concurrent programming, some skills in electronic devices programming (VHDL),

Hobbies: Playing guitar ( all of thems), Futsal( goalkeeper), playing PC videogames (mostly DotA 2), going out, nightlife, enjoy a beer or two with friends, sightseeing, cooking (so much),...

Email: driobo@alumnos.uvigo.es

Other contacts: Skype: supervitis2, Facebook: David Riobo Barba, Gmail: supervitis@gmail.com, Steam: supervitis, Twitter: supervitis



 Marin Orlić (marin.orlic[at]fer.hr)