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We are in the finals of SCORE and 3 team members are going to Hawaii to present the project.


Public Transportation System

Product Line is a SCORE project,  which aims to create a software product line in the public transportation domain. The main goal is to design a product core implementation, on which multiple software products could rely on.  Additionally, three software products (instances) had to be developed to demonstrate the reusability of the product core implementation.

All the transportations systems in the world have common domain logics. Therefore we have introduced the shared characteristics of those systems into one extensible (core) module – Product Line Core. The implementation for each product (a specific transportation system) then uses this core, and extends it with additional required functionalities based on the Customer’s specific requirements. We have developed several such instances, each having a different set of requirements.

The reason behind developing Product Line instances is to verify and test the practicality and the reusability of our Product Line Core. The instances have their own user interface and may have an independent persistent storage module. To allow for persistent storage, we have developed a Data Access Layer, which was not a part of the core requirements. 

Västerås PTS - Named after a real city, is an instance implemented for “imaginary” needs of Västerås public transportation company (Västmanland Local Traffic Co.). The instance allows the administration to manage stops, lines, runs and vehicles which belongs to the company.

Lausanne PTS - Based on a real city, is an instance implemented for the supposed yet wide needs of Lausanne public transportation company. Apart from managing stops, lines, runs and vehicles the instance supports timetable and schedule generation.

The instance also supports commuter queries for shortest route between stops and the next available runs to reach the destination.

It is deployed using Java WebStart and can be accessed at: http://staticweb.rasip.fer.hr/projects/students/dsdpts/PTSAmazingInstance.jnlp .

PTS on Cloud - The third instance is based on .NET framework 4.0 and Windows Azure (Microsoft owned cloud). The instance uses a transformation from the “.jar” file to “.dll” using IKVM tool. This library is used as a core by the Windows Azure application. The instance is online implements the Passenger Assistance functions. The instance can be viewed at: http://ptsoncloud.cloudapp.net.

Something out of the Box:

This is something we came up with, in the later stages of the project:

We observed that some projects look at the similar domain i.e. Public Transportation, although with a different perspective. We shared our ideas with another SCORE team EzFare (from University of Zagreb, Croatia and Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden). As we are working on the same domain, we agreed that we can share our resources to provide computing or storage benefits to the other project.

EzFare Project: This project is developing an automatic ticketing service for the commuters using wireless technology. They provide the real-time run data to the transport company, and have an accessible interface for the consumers on an “as per need” basis.


We intend to use their real-time data for our Arrival time predictions and vehicle management purposes. This will provide us a ready source of utilizable and practical data from the field. This will show the reusability in a way that the system can collaborate with a third party solution. In return, the EzFare team expects us to provide a backbone application (one of our instances) for Vehicle, Stop, Line, Run and Schedule management.

This decision from our teams is bound to lead to a better, practical and efficient solution for an actual system as our features are complementary. We are working together to make a usable API for either to use each other’s applications without hindering the working of the others’ application.




Augustin Petrović

Project role(s): Model Developer, Java Developer
Personal info: Born in Mostar (Bosnia and Hercegovina), live in Zagreb (Croatia) and 23 years old :). Studying  MS in Computer Science at FER (Zagreb)
Skills & Interests: Java, C#, c++, UML, CLIPS, Python
Hobbies: Magic: The Gathering, playing soccer, computer games, alternative history and science[yes :)]
Email: augustin.petrovic@fer.hr
Other contacts: Facebook - Augustin Petrović
Skype - kilame001
MSN - sorrowet@hotmail.com



Uma Shankar Subramani
Project role(s): Java Developer

Skills & Interests: Good programming knowledge in Java
Hobbies: playing cricket
Email: shanumas@gmail.com
Other contacts:
Facebook :   newshanuma@gmail.com


Hafiz Umer Waqar  
Project role(s): Java Developer, Database Developer

Personal info: M.Sc in Computer Science from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Master in Software Engineering from MDH.
Skills & Interests: After completion M.Sc, I joined software house in 2007 where I developed ERP System of Financial Application in ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, VB6, C, C++, Object Oriented, SQL Server, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java script, XML, AJAX.....

Also worked in Customization of Microsoft Dynamic GP and developed web portal for higher management.
Hobbies: Reading Books, Playing Cricket & Table Tennis, Swimming, Strategy Games, Photography
Email: umer_waqar@yahoo.com, 

Other contacts:

FaceBook: umer_waqar@yahoo.com
Live Messenger: umer_waqar@yahoo.com,
umer_waqar@hotmail.comSkype: umer_waqar


Siva Chaitanya Nayak Eslavath
Project role(s):  Document Manager
Personal info: 22,INDIA,Vijayawada,studying master's program in Software Enginnering (60 credits) at MDH,Vasteras,SWEDEN.
Skills & Interests: Java Basic, C, Technical Writer
Hobbies: playing cricket, listening to music, reading books
Email: shiva.eslavath@gmail.com

Other contacts:
skype: shiva.eslavath

 Manish Kungwani

Manish Kungwani
Project role(s): Model Developer, Java Developer, Team Leader

Personal info: Age: 22, Country: India, Born: Nagpur, India
I am a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Pune University, Pune, India. I am here under the "Mobility for Life" project by Erasmus Mundus
Skills & Interests: .NET, C#, C++, SQL, Windows Azure, Java, Object Oriented Skills, Training, Leadership, Public Speaking, Team Work.
Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Cricket, Reading Thriller novels and Comedy & Strategic Shows.
Email: me[at]manishkungwani[dot]com
Other contacts:
Yahoo chat: manishkungwani
Gtalk: manishkungwani[at]yahoo[dot]com
Live Messenger: me[at]manishkungwani[dot]com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/manishkungwani
Google Profile: http://www.google.com/profiles/manish.kungwani
LinkedIn: http://in.linkedin.com/in/manishkungwani

Pratik Bapurao Barkade
Project role(s): Document Manager, SVN Manager, Graphic Designer

Personal info: Age 23, India, I am Pursuing my Master III Semester at My Home University
Skills & Interests: I like to make Video Mixing. I like to work on Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop. I like Programming, C, C++,.NET,HTML,

Hobbies: Playing Chess,Cricket. I am Volunteer of World Biggest NGO Art of Living as well as i organize the Workshops for Youth Development under Art of Living
Email: pratik.barkade@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype ID  :-pratik.barkade
Facebook :-Pratik Barkade
Gtalk        :-pratik.barkade@gmail.com


Omar Tawffeeq Jaradat
Project role(s): Test Manager, Project Manager
Personal info: I was born in Kuwait 1981 and I am Jordanian citizen and immigrated to Sweden before 3 years ago to live and work.
Skills & Interests: I held my bachelor degree in the major of Software Engineering in June 2005 and then I worked as QA officer and was promoted to be QA team leader in 2009.
Hobbies: Computers and find system bugs :) Swimming, football, travel.
Email: ojt10001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype: enjojaradat
Hotmail: jaradat_omar@hotmail.com
Yahoo: jaradat_omar
Facebook: Omar T.Jaradat



Severine Sentilles (severine.sentilles[at]mdh.se)