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PlaDat is software that offers a platform specialised on internship and placement collaborations. It is a cross-platform and easy-to-use mobile-friendly web application that offers recommendations based on the student’s information and placement’s requirements. Students have the possibility of filling in their profiles with skills, work and education experiences, as well as their preferences for placement. On the other hand, employers can create placements by filling in a set of information and requirements that the applicants should fulfil. So, to put it simply, if 1 student and 1 placement are interested in each other, then a match is realized and they will be able to communicate with each other.


  • User(student/employer) can register and login.
  • Student can find placement recommendations that have matching skills and requirements.
  • Employee can find student recommendations that have matching skills and requirements.
  • User(student/employer) can reject or accept recommendations, in order to form a match when they have accepted each other.
  • Users(student/employer) are announced when they have a match.

  • Users(student/employer) can remove a match.

  • Users(student/employer) can send messages to each other after getting a match.

  • Users(student/employer) are able to see their matches and remove a match if they want.

  • Employers are able to see, create and close their announced placements.


In order to develop our project we used:

  • Node.js
  • Flutter
  • Heroku
  • Netlify
  • PostgreSQL


Try it for yourself :) Click here


If you want to contact us, please send an email to:

Fabrizio Siciliano- sicilianofabrizio@gmail.com



Communication Tools:


Useful Links:

Our team:

William Nordberg

Project role(s): Product Owner

Personal info:

Skills and interests: 


E-mail: william.nordberg3@gmail.com

Other contacts:

  • Telegram: @will7i7am
  • Facebook: William Nordberg
  • Discord:    William.nordberg3#8381

Bassam Zabad

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Bacholar degree in computer science, major networking and operating system@Damascus univesity. Masterprogram software engineering@M'lardalens university.

Skills and interests: learn more about networking and software engineering.

Hobbies: traveling, training.

E-mail: bassam.zabad88@gmail.com

Other contacts: whatsapp: 0046762525112

Alice Casali

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering @ University of Florence, attending the 2nd year of Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering @ Polimi. Italian, 24 y/o.

Skills and interests: 


E-mail: alice.casali@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:

  • Telegram: @AliceCasali
  • Discord: Ghep#8350
  • Facebook: Alice Casali

Fabrizio Siciliano

Project role(s): Scrum master

Personal info: Computer Science and Engineering @ Polimi, started the course on the last year of my Master degree at 23 yo.

Skills and interests: Software Engineering and Project Management, studying the effects that videogames have on our society through different deliverying methods, eager to know how techonology can deeply change our lifestyles.

Hobbies: Basketball, videogames, coding.

E-mail: fabrizio.siciliano@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:

  • Telegram: @ImFabs
  • Discord: Hastur#1732
  • Linkedin: Fabrizio Siciliano
  • Facebook: Fabrizio Fabs Siciliano


Aida Denisa Opîrlesc

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Romanian, studying MSc in Computer Science and Engineering at PoliMi, currently Product Manager and Full Stack Developer @C-Suite Circle

Skills and interests: web development, Android Development, studying ML and AI in general, product management, UX/UI design

Hobbies: drawing, hiking, volunteering (scouts), design, a bit of guitar playing, skiing

E-mail: aidadenisa.opirlesc@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: 

  • discord: adadeverdi#1374
  • slack: aida.denisa@gmail.com
  • telegram: @aidadenisa

Anna Bergamasco

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Italian, 23 y/o, computer science and engineering master student @ PoliMi

Skills and interests: software engineering, learning more on both software engineering and mobile application development, interested in learning new teamworking, project management and developing skills

Hobbies: baking and cake design, hiking, (casual) gaming, F1 fan, embroidery

E-mail: anna.bergamasco@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:

  • Discord: Anna_Berga#4233
  • Telegram: @anna_bergamasco


Anđela Zorić

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Montenegrin 22y/o, Bachelor degree in Informational technology at Mediterranean University in Podgorica, Computer science master student at MDH 

Skills and interests: Programming(web development)

Hobbies: traveling as a priority, training, scout member, sports and following sports

E-mail: andjela.zoric@gmail.com

Other contacts:

  • Facebook Anđela Zorić
  • Discord: azoric#9654


Alessio Bucaioni (MDH)

E-mail: alessio.bucaioni@mdh.se


Raffaela Mirandola (POLIMI)

E-mail: raffaela.mirandola@polimi.it