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Fraud is one of the most important issues concerning telecommunications service providers, who are second, after banks, in losing money through fraud. Fraud is a rapidly growing problem, with fraudsters becoming evermore sophisticated both in their techniques and their tools. Experience shows that if no effective anti-fraud control exists, sooner or later the operator is hit by a major fraud problem, which means losing money. With a growing number of subscribers and an increasing number of distribution channels, enhanced services, and more complex tariff structures, an effective fraud management system is essential to minimize loss due to fraud reasons.


Project goal

Goal of this project is to build a Profile Analysis and Reconciliation Tool - a module that can later be incorporated in a Fraud Management System. To enable an easy integration, the tool must be accessible using standard web browsers without the need for additional proprietary client side software. Technique used in this system is the so-called “profile analysis”. It helps fraud agents to visualize the behavioral patterns of subscribers, using collected information in CDR-s (Call Detail Records) and aggregated counter values maintained by the system. This gives fraud agents the opportunity to detect anomalies or sudden changes in a subscriber usual behavior (profile) or to use a known fraudster profile and match it with another subscriber profile to identify potential similarities and detect new fraudsters or fraudster subscriptions.



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Arno van Lumig
Project role(s): 

Server admin, quality assurance manager, developer.

Personal info: 
Hi, I'm Arno van Lumig. I am currently studying Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology, and am in Sweden for a minor in Embedded Systems. While the DSD course is not a standard part of this minor, I am taking it to learn more about the development of large software projects in groups and because taking an extra course in the minor is a required part of the honours program at my university. If all goes according to plan I will achieve my bachelor's degree this year, and will continue with a master in computer science. Aside from computer programming my hobbies include hiking, running, electronics and playing the piano.

Skills & Interests: 
I have worked as software engineer for a small company for three years, using mainly Java as programming language and several different database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB). Furthermore I have experience in working with the GNU/Linux operating system, web development and functional programming.

While I do not have a very fixed set of hobbies, I always return to programming, hiking, and playing the piano. Over the last few years other hobbies of mine have been building and flying model airplanes, table tennis, pool, (digital) electronics, judo and collecting fountain pens.

Email: arnovanlumig@gmail.com

Other contacts: XMPP, MSN, Skype and email: arnovanlumig@gmail.com



Matija Hanžić
Project role(s):
svn manager, web server developer

Personal info: 23 year old student at FER, finished high school in Zabok, studying to become a computer engineer

Skills & Interests: C# programmer, experienced with .net framework and visual studio, looking forward to improving my skills and learning new things 

Hobbies: football, cycling

Email: matija.hanzic@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype -

Davor Perić
Project role(s):
Web server developer, tester, documentation
Personal info: age: 22; place of birth: Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; education: completing master degree in information and communication technology

Skills & Interests: software and web development (java, c, c#, php, gwt, javascript, html/css, xml), organization, communication, databases (oracle)

Hobbies: football, futsal, music

Email: davor.peric1988@gmail.com 


Other contacts: 

davor.peric88 - skype, 
pop.ze@hotmail.com - live messenger, 
Davor Peric - facebook, 
Davor Peric - google+

Ejaz Ali
Project role(s): 
Developer. Documentation
Personal info: 
I have been working as software engineer by profession for 6 year, back in my country Pakistan. I am 31 years old. I am studying Master of Software Engineering in Mdh. I have Masters in Computer science degree from Pakistan.


Skills & Interests: 
  • LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql PHP)
  • WAMP (Windows Apache Mysql PHP)
  • Extensive HTML/CSS implementation
  • Javascript and DOM
  • AJAX (Prototype, JQUERY)
  • XML
  • SOAP
  • RTSP server technology
  • SEO and SEF URL's
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • IIS
  • GIT
  • SVN
  • Microsoft Project
  • EC2
  • Bugzilla
Hobbies: playing Counter Strike, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, watching News Channel talk shows.

Email: eai10002@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: 


Inderjeet Singh
Project role(s): Team Leader, Web Server Developer, Documentation  
Personal info: 

I am 24 year old, came from New Delhi,India. I am in my second year of my Master's in Software Engineering at Mälardalens högskola. I did my Bachelor's in Information technologies and have around 1 year of work experience.

Skills & Interests: Java, Android and C++

Watching movies,travelling, playing and watching cricket...:)

Email: ish10001@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: 

Skype:- indejeet.singh

Gmail/Gtalk:- inderjeetuiet@gmail.com

YahooMail:- inderjeet_uiet@yahoo.co.in

Igor Rutkowski
Project role(s): Project Leader
Personal info: 

I am 24 years old. I study electronics and computer science (masters course) at Warsaw University of Technology. I have worked for one year (part-time) as C++ programmer.

Skills & Interests: Java, C++, good presentation skills

Hobbies: Macroeconomics, Cars

Email: igor_rutkowski@tlen.pl

Other contacts: 

Skype: igor_rutkowski

Robert Borošak
Project role(s): Developer, Tester
Personal info: 
My name is Robert Borošak. I'm 23 years old. I study Computer Engineering at FER. More info coming soon...

Skills & Interests: C#, ASP.net, PHP, C, C++, MySQL, MSSQL, Java etc.

Hobbies: Football, basketball and other sports.

Email: robert.borosak@fer.hr

Other contacts: 

Skype: robert.borosak
MSN: robert.borosak@yahoo.com
Facebook: Robert Borošak


 Marin Orlić (marin.orlic[at]fer.hr)