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Tibor Takač
Project role(s): Designer, Developer, Documentation, Testing
Personal info: 23 years old, living in Zagreb, Croatia
studying Computing
Skills & Interests: C languages, Java
Hobbies: Movies, music, computer games
Email: tibor.takac@fer.hr
Other contacts: MSN: spike_20@hotmail.com, gmail: TTakac23@gmail.com, Skype: tibor.takac23


Gordan Kreković
Project role(s): Project Leader, Public Relations, Presentations, Designer, Developer
, Documentation, Testing
Personal info: Age: 22 23, Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia, University: FER
Study Program: Information and Communication Technology, Information Processing
Skills & Interests: sound and speech synthesis, neural networks, classification, image processing, fundamental algorithms
Hobbies: playing piano and keyboards, composing, sea kayaking, dancing (latin and standard), juggling a little bit :)
Other contacts: facebook: Gordan Kreković, gtalk: gordank@gmail.com, msn: gogosoft@net.hr, skype: g.krex


Stefano Cucchiella
Project role(s): SVN Administrator, System Administrator,
Designer, Developer, Documentation, Testing
Personal info: AGE: 24, COUNTRY: Italy, HOMETOWN: Scoppito, L'Aquila (AQ), STUDY:  Computer Science - Global Software Engineering European Master (GSEEM)
Skills & Interests: Web Master/Designer at Fermenti Grafici Snc from August 2007 to September 2007, Trainer to ECDL's exam at CEI - Centro Educazionale Interattivo, L'Aquila from February, 2006 to July, 2006
Hobbies: Soccer, Swim, MTB, Basket, Rubgy
Email: stefano.cucchiella@gmail.com
Other contacts: SKYPE: stefano.cuck


Muhammad Siddique
Project role(s):
Developer, Documentation, Testing
Personal info:  27 year old from Faisalabad, Pakistan. I am currently studying for my masters in software engineering (60 credit) in MDH Vasteras, Sweden.
Skills & Interests: Decision Support Systems, DBMS, Software Development
Hobbies: Reading books( professional material), Playing and watching cricket, Football.
Email: msiddique08@gmail.com
Other contacts: yahoo: sid202pk@yahoo.com, Google: msiddique08@gmail.com, Skype: sid202pk


Vijaya Cherukuri
Project role(s):
Team Leader, Presentations, Designer, Developer, Documentation, Testing
Personal info: Born on 16 october 1983 in Khammam,Andhra pradesh state of India. I finished my MCA in 2007. After that I worked in TCS for about two years.Now I currently enrolled for MS programme in Software engineering.
Skills & Interests: Have worked in C/C++ in Unix/Linux environment. Had experience in IDE of visual studio. Interested in Linux programming and knowing about internals of Linux. Had idea on databases and web technologies and worked for some time in that.
Hobbies: Movie making, reading books, watching movies, listening to music, graphic designing,photography
Email: vci09002@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: skype : krisveejay.83, gmail : krisveejay.83@gmail.com, yahoo: krisveejay_83@yahoo.co.in