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Today’s cinemas are experiencing a small but sensible decline in the number of bought tickets throughout these past few years. Because of that, it is rather usual for them to have certain movie projections that hadn't sold even one ticket resulting in an empty hall. Currently, each cinema has its own programme which shows, for a week in advance, the timetables for each location. The problem with these timetables is that they are put on the cinema’s website and the potential customer must be able to lookup the information he or she requires. Movie Bot project is intended to provide the design and implementation of a cinema reservation system whose purpose is to improve the user experience concerning cinemas and movies. Our customer wanted an application which will change the status quo by providing an intelligent bot which can be used to search for projections and reserve a seat. Supported by a well-designed database, all available movies and seats information are integrated together and can be accessed with ease using a single mobile application. It is a flexible application which takes into consideration the user’s preferences and location when providing results and suggestions.



The application allows the user to:

  • Search for a certain movie and get the list of cinemas that display that movie
  • Search the IMDB database
  • Find the available places in the cinema and book the ones that he or she prefers
  • Receive suggestions for movies that could be of interest with respect to the personal tastes of available genres
  • See the history of his or her reservations
  • Chat with the bot to reserve a seat or query movies


  • C#
  • Bot framework
  • Entity framework
  • Typescript
  • Cordova
  • Corky.js

Architecture overview

The application was developed for an Android OS but can be rebuilt for any other mobile OS. The project consists of the mobile application and backend servers which each have its own role. The Bot framework is used to expose an intelligent Bot developed in C#. The interaction is performed using the mobile application of the project or external Instant Messaging applications. The DirectLine is part of the system but was not implemented by the team, as it is an API offered from Microsoft to expose the Bot Service from Azure. The WebAPI is a centralized part of the system that handles movie recommendations, searches in the database and seat reservations. It is connected to the SQL database which stores all important data.

Architecture overview of MovieBot system

All code is hosted on GitHub and the servers were hosted on Azure. Additionally, the project had its build server used for continuous integration and isn’t a required part of the system.


GitHub repositiories


Google drive




MovieBot dashboardDashboard with movie selectedIMDB movie search resultsSearching currently running movies and cinemas in locationChatting with the bot from the MovieBot applicationExample reservationExample of input validationReservation history exampleUser profile - genre preferences selectionMovieBot application menu



Filippo Pellizzari

Project role(s):

Personal info: Hi, I'm Filippo and I'm 23. I'm an italian student at POLIMI, where I'm attending the master degree in Computer Science Engineering. I got my bachelor degree at POLIMI in 2015.

Skills and interests: C, Java, SQL, Python, UML

Hobbies: Playing the piano, music

E-mail: filippo.pellizzari109@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype: filippo.pellizzari1;
Facebook: Filippo Pellizzari

Andrea Paramithiotti

Project role(s):

Personal info: I am a 23 years old student from Milan, in Italy. I have attended a scientific high school, and then I graduated at Politecnico in 2016 in Ingegneria Informatica. At the moment I am attending the master degree in Computer Science and Engineering. During my studies, I give private lessons of math and physics to High School students and I train a minibasket team

Skills and interests: I am good at working in groups, I have no problems in being a group leader. I am a reliable person who always finishes what is started and have no problem in receiving critics or suggestions. I am eager to learn new skills, languages and technologies. I am a fast learner

Hobbies: I love everything that concerns mountains. I like climbing, skiing, walking, biking and whatever can be done on a mountain. I also love practicing sports, I can adapt and participate in almost svery sport, I am a fast learner. I have a motorcycle and I really enjoy making fast trips or going to circuits. I love rock/metal music and I can play the electric guitar.

E-mail: paramithiotti.andrea@gmail.com

Other contacts: Facebook: Andrea Paramithiotti (Para)
Skype: para1993
Hangout: paramithiotti.andrea@gmail.com

Andrea Rompani

Project role(s):

Personal info: I'm a 29 years old student, started university in 2006 and then after some year dropped after a job offer, I re-enrolled at polimi in the 2013-2014 academic year, I got the bachelor degree in 2015, and now i'm studying for master's degree in computer science and engineering

Skills and interests: I'm a hard working person and my interests lie in everything concerning programming , learning new languages, tools and working in teams

Hobbies: I love skiing during winter and on the other seasons, trekking on mountains and riding the bycicle

E-mail: rompamail2@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype cpu226@hotmail.it
Hangout rompamail2@gmail.com

Lorenzo Zoia

Project role(s):

Personal info: I'm a 22 years old student of master degree of Computer Science and Engineering. I live in Barzanò, a small town near Lecco (Italy). I got bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineerig in 2015.

Skills and interests: I am reliable, hard-working, good at working in group, fast learner and open minded person. I am also an analytical person and I like organizing work especially in group projects. I am also eager to learn new skills. I am interested in all the innovative technologies and in the software modelling and developing.

Hobbies: Playing guitar, reading comics.

E-mail: lollozoia.lz@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype: lollozoia
Facebook: Lorenzo Zoia
Hangout lollozoia.lz@gmail.com

Ivan Liović

Project role(s):

Personal info: My name is Ivan. I am 23 years old. I come from Zagreb, Croatia. I am studying Computer science at University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing.

Skills and interests: Web development, Software development, C#, JavaScript

Hobbies: Playing football.

E-mail: ivan.liovic1@hotmail.com

Other contacts: Skype ivan.liovic1@hotmail.com
Facebook Ivan Liović


Andre Maia

Project role(s):

Personal info: 22 years old, from Portugal, studying informatics at FEUP

Skills and interests: Visualizing data

Hobbies: soccer, playing games, watch series

E-mail: andrecmmaia@gmail.com

Other contacts: facebook https://www.facebook.com/andre.maia.547 github aramiis

Danica Pivalica

Project role(s):

Personal info: I'm a 22 year old, born in Split, Croatia. Currently living, working and studying computer science at FER, University of Zagreb.

Skills and interests: C#, NodeJS, web development (HTML5/CSS3 and a lot of JS), Lucene.NET, databases (SQL, mongoDB), desktop development (both C# and ElectronJS). Some experience in developing mobile applications using Apache Cordova and developing data oriented solutions using Apache Spark ( and the rest of the Apache family).

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, singing, drawing, programming

E-mail: danica.pivalica@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype - pivalica_danica


Local supervisor

Raffaela Mirandola (raffaela.mirandola@polimi.it)

Remote supervisor

Igor Čavrak (igor.cavrak@fer.hr)


Project customer

Giovanna Roversi (giro@microsoft.com)