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In businesses and organizations meetings are essential for producing value and guaranteeing the quality and correctness of a product or a service. Organizing these meetings can be tedious and time consuming since different needs have to be harmonized in order to find a suitable date and time. In addition to that, the tools usually used to organize meetings are not powerful or intuitive enough for the needs of modern businesses or organizations.



Plunner is a web application that aims to solve the problems underlined above, by providing a flexible and intuitive way to plan and organize meetings for businesses and organizations. Plunner has optimization and simplicity in mind, so that:

  • Meetings can be planned by importing schedules from external calendaring services using CalDAV or by composing in-app schedules

  • Meetings times and dates are determined automatically by optimizing (maximizing) the number of participants

  • All the functionalities of the application can be accessed using a simple, intuitive and responsive web interface



Small and medium businesses and organizations



  • Organization
  • Member of an organization



  • Meeting starting times are decided by Plunner after an optimization process that takes in consideration all the schedules inserted by the meeting's participants and maximize the number of participants
  • Meetings and schedules of a Member are visible and organizined in a dashboard
  • Schedules can be composed from scratch using a Google Calendar like view
  • Schedules can be imported from external services that use the CalDAV standard protocol
  • Imported schedules are synchronized
  • Email notifications
  • Password recovery
  • Members are organized in teams
  • Meeting are relative to teams
  • Meetings are created for a team by a particular Member called Planner
  • Members are registered inside Planner by an organization
  • An organization creates and manage teams and decides Planners
  • Responsive web interface
  • Flexible authentication via JWT



  • Laravel PHP framework
  • AngularJS JS framework
  • Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Composer
  • Gulp
  • Sass
  • PHP Unit
  • Karma
  • Jasmine



Mihovil Vinković

Personal info:

Hi, I am Mihovil, Miha for short. 22 years old, a FER student spending a semester in Vasteras.


Skills & Interests: 

OOP, embedded systems



Email: mihovilvinkovic@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype : haims93, Facebook : Mihovil Vinkovic


Denis Kuryshov

Personal info: 

Hi, I'm Denis and I'm POLIMI double degree student. I've got my bachelor degree in Moscow and now I'm getting my master degree in both Italy and Russia.

Skills & Interests: 

Parallel programming, CUDA, logic

Hobbies: travelling, classic literature, foreign languages, philosophy

Email: jaibird2493@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype: gabrie1666, 

Giorgio Pea

Personal info: Hi, i'm Giorgio, i'm 22 and i got my bachelor degree in computer science at Politecnico di Milano, now i'm attending the course for the master degree in computer science and engineering still at Politecnico.

Skills & Interests: 

Javascript, AngularJS, Php, C, Java, Webdevelopment, UX and UI, mobile applications
I like reading good books and graphic novels, contributing to software projects, playing magic the gathering
Email: giorgio.pea@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: Facebook: DeadManPoe, Skype: abadacadaba

Joan Josep Crespi Villalonga

Personal info: Hello, I'm Joan Josep, I'm from Mallorca and I'm currently an exchange course in Sweden as Erasmus+. I am in my third year of bachelor (4 years in total).

Skills & Interests: Java, Mysql, C, C++, UML.

Hobbies: I like play football and running a lot. Watching movies is always interesting, specially the asian. I like videogames, as Hearthstone or Fifa. As well, I like to travel and reading, swimming, etc...

Email: jjcrespiv@gmail.com

Other contacts: skype: jjbandicoot


Jean Barre

Personal info: 22 years-old student coming from Bordeaux (France) to Politecnico di Milano for my Master 2. Here my major deals with Distributed Systems and Middleware technologies.

Skills & Interests: Cryptology, Network development, Mobile & Web development, Embedded systems.

Hobbies: rugby, surf and ski

Email: jeanperrin.barre@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: Skype : barre.jean1

Claudio Cardinale

Personal info: I'm Claudio, I'm a politecnico di Milano's student, where I'm enrolled in "Computer science and engineering" master degree. I graduated in this university last july.

Skills & Interests: Web developing, mobile app developing,  desktop developing, knowledge engineering, c/c++, c#, java, php, mql, vb, object-c, asp, javascript, arduino

Hobbies: Skiing, swimming, going to the theatre

Email: claudio.cardinale@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: Skype: carduz, Telegram: @carduz, facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cardi.claudio

Emil Silađi

Personal info: I am a 22 year old student currently spending a semester in Sweden with ERASMUS+ programme. I am at my masters in Computer science.


Skills & Interests: Software development, 3D modelling, Web development, Soft computing, Image processing, C#, Python, Ruby,...

Hobbies: Reading, astronomy, hiking, gym,...

Email: emil.siladi@gmail.com

Other contacts: Facebook: Emil Silađi, Skype: emil.siladi@outlook.com






Raffaela Mirandola (mirandola@elet.polimi.it)

Omar Jaradat (omar.jaradat@mdh.se)