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This project is trying to help companies use location data in business intelligence. User of this product, a company, is looking for valuable insights from location data without having to collect and process the data themselves. They should be able to see adequate visualisations of data for an area of interest in a specified time frame.

There are two types of problem that this project should address. Firstly, it should handle data processing or how to process all the data that is collected and transform it into valuable insights for the end user, how to make sure that it can calculate everything that end user needs. Secondly, user interface should be interactive, clear and easy to use. That means a lot of effort has to be put in understanding what users of this product want to see and how should it be presented in the best way possible.



  • User logs into the application using credentials

  • User logs out from the application

  • User visualizes the stops on the heatmap in which multiple stops on the similar location are visualized as a cluster and the density is represented by a light to dark color range.

  • User selects single area or multiple areas of interest on the map

  • User clears the selection of area of interest on the map

  • User selects a date range or a date

  • User visualizes the trends for the desired areas and date selection as a line chart

  • User exports the trends as CSV

  • User can view help page

  • Admin creates, view, edits, delete a user from the database

  • Admin visualizes the logs of the application

  • Admin visualizes the performance metrics of the application

  • Admin imports data that will be saved to the database by uploading a CSV or a JSON file.

  • User saves, view and deletes area(s)



User login :




Home view :



Linecharts :



User management :



Metrics :



Logs :



Import data :









  • Spring boot
  • Python
  • Flask


  • Typescript
  • React
  • Redux


Google drive

Trello boards

Github repository

Paulina Araya

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Hi! my name is Paulina from Chile
I'm 22 years old.
Currently, I'm an exchange student at Polimi

Skills and interests: web development

Hobbies: dancing

E-mail: pbaraya@uc.cl

Other contacts: skype: pbaraya@uc.cl

Burcu Cesur

Project role(s): Product owner

Personal info: I am from Turkey and 25 years old. Got my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. Currently I am studying MSc. Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Skills and interests: ASP.NET, C#, Java, C++, RDBM, SQL, Full Stack Development

Hobbies: photography, fitness, traveling

E-mail: burcu.cesur@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:
Whatsapp: +39 3276621696
Skype: brccesur

Bardh Shabani

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: I am 23 years old, from Kosovo (Southeastern Europe). I finished my bachelor studies in Computer Engineering in Kosovo and continued with Master studies (Computer Science and Engineering) in Politecnico di Milano.

Skills and interests: Desktop and Web development (.NET MVC, Nodejs, php, frontend technologies, etc), Game development (Unity with C#, Game Maker Studio), Photo editing (Adobe Photoshop)

Hobbies: Youtube, Skiing, Gaming

E-mail: bardhshabani05@gmail.com

Other contacts:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bardh.shabani
Whatsapp: +38649500036


Bruno Blažeka

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: Student, 23, Čakovec, Croatia, Software Engineering

Skills and interests: Node.js, React, ASP.NET, C#, Python

Hobbies: hockey, cycling, skiing

E-mail: bruno.blazeka@fer.hr

Other contacts: Facebook: Bruno Blažeka

Lovro Kordiš

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: I'm Lovro, I am 23 years old. I come from Crikvenica, Croatia. I am studying Computer science at FER Zagreb.

Skills and interests: Node.js, React, Machine Learning, NLP

Hobbies: Basketball, swimming, waterpolo

E-mail: kordis.lovro@gmail.com

Other contacts:
Skype: kordis.lovro@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovro.kordis
Hangouts: kordis.lovro@gmail.com

Marina Šolčić

Project role(s): Developer, Scrum master

Personal info: I am 22 years old and I am from Croatia. I live near Zagreb. My field of study at FER is telecommunications and informatics.

Skills and interests: well organized, like programming in Java, critical thinking, teamwork

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, watching movies

E-mail: marina.solcic@fer.hr

Other contacts:
Facebook - Marina Šolčić
Skype - marina.solcic

Valentina Vitas

Project role(s): Scrum master, Developer

Personal info: I'm 23 years old. I come from Istria. I am studying Information and Communication Technology at FER

Skills and interests: web and software development, IoT

Hobbies: swimming, baking cakes, music

E-mail: valentina.vitas@fer.hr

Other contacts:
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valentina.vitas
skype: valentina.vitas95


Local supervisor

Elisabetta Di Nitto (elisabetta.dinitto@polimi.it)

Remote supervisor

Ivana Bosnić (ivana.bosnic@fer.hr)


Project customer

Marco Funaro(mfunaro@cuebiq.com)

Project customer

Alessandro Sivieri (asivieri@cuebiq.com)