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Today losses in the telecommunications industry are estimated to more than $30 billion a year. Telecommunication companies use many techniques to combat fraud. Fraud management systems are the most powerful and irreplaceable tools that large companies use to combat fraud.

One of the techniques that are used in fraud management systems is the so-called “link analysis”. It helps fraud agents to visualize the behavioral patterns of subscribers using collected info in database. This gives fraud agents the opportunity to detect unknown members of a fraudster organization, trace mobile devices or SIM cards used in fraudulent activities, create subscriber profiles, etc.


Main goal & functionality

Let's describe the main functionality required for a Link Analysis Tool - a module that can later be incorporated in a Fraud Management System.

To enable an easy integration, the tool must be accessible
using standard web browsers without the need for additional proprietary client side software.

The main functionality of the tool is to visualize transactions (call detail records data read from a database table) in a defined period of time and with a defined search depth (who called whom) for a given subscriber.



   Login screen



   Main screen



   Main screen (Graph generated) – top of the page



   Main screen (Graph generated) – bottom of the page



   User details









Adrien Olivier

Project role(s):   Database communication (Java)                
Personal info: 24 years old, born in France and studiying Computer Science in Malardalen.
Skills & Interests:

languages : 

- Java (Hibernate, Jxls, Wicket)

- C / C++



- PHP (Symfonie with Doctrine)
Hobbies: reading, party, sport, traveling
Email: aor10001[at]student[dot]mdh[dot]se


Rashid Khan
Project role(s):  Matrices creation                                 
Personal info: My age is 25. I's born in peshawar pakistan. I've completed my bachelor degree in computer software engineering and now I'm having my MS in computer software Engineering from MDH vasteras.
Skills & Interests:PHP,mysql,drupal,wordpress,joomla,UML,CSS,HTML
Hobbies: watching movies,watching cricket, visiting new places, trying new technologies.
Email: rkn10002@student.mdh.se
Other contacts:
rashidfawad@skype , intellect_engineer@yahoo.com is used in facebook.

Hassan Aziz Khan  
Project role(s): Team Leader                                 
Personal info: I am from Islamabad, Pakistan and student of MS Software Engineering at MDH.
Skills & Interests: Programming in Java (J2SE) using Eclipse. wrote parsers for CDRs of EWSD and huawei m800 telecom switches in Java.
Hobbies: Playing Cards, chess and e-games. listening to music.
Email: hkn10003@student.mdh.se
Other contacts:
Facebook id: hassan819pk@yahoo.com
G talk id: engr.hassan.aziz@gmail.com

Skype: engr.hassan.aziz


Seyed Morteza Hosseini  
Project role(s):  Testing,Documentation                                 
Personal info: Iran,Software Enginnering.
Skills & Interests: programming C#,SQL server
Hobbies: Seeing nature and historical place.
Email: shi10004@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype: s.m.hosseini55


Dominik Rojković

Dominik Rojković
Project role(s): Project Leader, Visualization developer, Linux system co-manager, documentation
Personal info: I was born in Zagreb in 1987 (1987-02-03). I'm studying computer science at Faculty of electrical engineering and computing for master degree.
Skills & Interests: Working (programming) with embedded systems (e.g. microcontrollers in industrial process, WSN);
Creating web pages - PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL DB;
Programming languages: C, C++, C# (.net, WPF,
WinForms );
Linux servers and networks (IPv4, IPv6)
Hobbies: Jogging, rowing, etc.
Email: dominik.rojkovic@fer.hr
Other contacts:

  MSN: drojkovic@hotmail.com
  Skype: dj-ici

Petar Dučić
Project role(s): Interface designer                                
Personal info: I was born in 6.12.1987. in Slavonski Brod. In 1994 I went to Pula where I finished school and high school. In 2006 I came in Zagreb, where now I'm still attending studies. I'm studying on Software Engineering module. This year I hope I'm going to graduate.
Skills & Interests: I finished Java course on FER.
Hobbies: futsal, martial arts
Email: petar.ducic@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype: petar_ducic

Petar Butković
Project role(s):  SVN manager, system manager

Personal info: I'm 22 years old. I'm born in city of Pula which is on peek of peninsula Istria on nortwest side of Croatia. I live there my whole life execpt the last 4 years which I spent on studying in Zagreb. I'm studing on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), module Computing and profile Software Engineering and Information Systems.
Skills & Interests: Java course on FER
Hobbies: Playing football, futsal and many other sport.
Email: petar.butković@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype: Petar Butkovic
Facebook: Petar Butkovic







Igor Čavrak (igor.cavrak[at]fer.hr)