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Let’s Help Bo is an inventory support system for future mines. The main purpose of the LHB system is to support the machine operators in their working activities. In addition, it provides other functionalities that aim to help other people that work in the mine during their daily activities.


The main actor of the system is the machine operator, but there are also four other actors that will have a part in the system. Concerning the inventory from one side we have the machine operator that needs to book and use the spare parts, and on the other side the maintenance supervisor that manages the inventory for the mine (e.g. take care that the essential spare parts are always available). LBH also provides the functionalities to manage the work orders for the machine operators. The users have the possibility to view the map of the mine, and search for the shortest path to a destination (e.g. warehouse).


Finally we developed LHB taking into account the environment in which it will be used and made it as usable as possible for the final users. The system is available in two versions, one optimized for smartphones and one for laptops, desktops and tablets. 


Niklas Gillström



Antonio Gallucci

Project role(s): Requirement manager, Documentation manager, presentation layer developer
Personal info: I am Antonio Gallucci, I am 25 years old. I am Italian, I have a bachelor degree in computer science, and now I am attending the master programme in software engineering (1 year) at MDH.  
Skills & Interests: I participated to different software development projects during my bachelor working also with groups of 8 peple. I worked also for 6 months for Accenture Technology Solutions in Naples as developer. I participated for two years to a project with my friends to develop a web content management system for newspapers.  
Hobbies: I like to play basketball, volleyball, swimming and ping pong. I am a member of a national association for the enviroment I also play a tipical drum of the south Italy.

mdh: agi12001@mdh.se

gmail: antonio1gallucci@gmail.com

Other contacts:

Skype: drago.nes

Facebook: suja@hotmail.it
Personal Page:


Rasul Niyazimbetov

Project role(s): User Interface managerpresentation layer developer
Personal info: I am 24, I am from Uzbekistan. Studied bachelor computer science in Tashkent university of information technologies in Uzbekistan. Currently doing master degree with GSEEM program. first year I studied in l'Aquila university, Italy. second year(current year) doing in MDH  
Skills & Interests: worked as web programmer during bachelor study, PHP/python. know Java, Android, currently more interested in Android and mobile development. also know several other languages such as C#, C++ and framework as asp.net but never used intensively, also have a little experience with model driven engineering. UML, ECORE. Prefer mobile application development (in android OS) 
Hobbies: fishing
Email: rasulnz@gmail.com
Other contacts: skype: rasulnz google talk: rasulnz@gmail.com facebook: find me by my email google+: find by email
Personal Page:


Aleksandar Nikodinovski

Project role(s): Project leader, presentation layer developer
Personal info: My name is Aleksandar Nikodinovski. I am 27 years old and I come from Skopje, Macedonia. Here on Malardalens university I am studying Software Engineering Master programme through the Euroweb scolarship programme of the Erasmus Mundus project. In Macedonia I have finished a 4 year Bachelor of Science of Informatics and Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies at the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia.  
Skills & Interests: Programming with Java in NetBeans, Programming with C# in Visual studio, 3D modelling and animation in Maya and 3D Studio Max  
Hobbies: Bicycilng, playing football, travelling
Email: ani12003@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype aleksandar.nikodinovski Gmail alek.nikodin@gmail.com Facebook Aleksandar Nikodinovski
Personal Page:


Hrvoje Novak

Project role(s): Team leader, presentation layer developer
Personal info: I'm 24 years old, I was born in Zagreb but the first 3 years lived in Nova Gradiska (Slavonia). Then we moved to Zagreb. My first encounter with computers was in elementary school but only for a short while. Main reason for studying computer sciences is my brother who was in college before I started high school. He was studying computer sciences and I found it very interesting. I went to MIOC high school in Zagreb and now my major is software engineering.  
Skills & Interests: programming web applications developing web sites (under-the-hood, design not so much) team player (although, I'd say solo work is also ok) 
Hobbies: tennis, ping-pong, playing modern board games, bowling
Email: hrvoje.novak@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype (delathor), Facebook (my name), Gmail (hrvojenova@gmail.com)
Personal Page:


Nives Bučić

Project role(s): Requirement manager, Documentation manager, presentation and logic layer developer
Personal info: I am 25 years old. I was born in Split but I live in Zagreb for almost eight years. I have bachelor degree in Science in computing, with specialization in Software Engineering. Currently I am on second year of master program for Software Engineering and Information Systems.  
Skills & Interests: - software engineering - programming in .NET, C#, C/C++ - database engineering  
Hobbies: - walking in nature - dancing - playing badminton - riding horses
Email: nives.bucic@gmail.com
Other contacts: LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=82810439 Skype: Nivesuncica
Personal Page:


Gonçalo Silva

Project role(s): Testing manager, logic layer developer
Personal info: Hi everyone, I'm Gonçalo from Portugal and I'm 21 years old. I'm an Erasmus student during this semester at FER, and in Portugal I study "Informatics and Computing Engineering" at FEUP - http://sigarra.up.pt/feup_uk/CURSOS_GERAL.FORMVIEW?P_CUR_SIGLA=MIEIC . I was born in Sintra, but most of my life was spent in Porto. My passion is Computer Graphics and Games Development. I'm looking forward to work with you all. :)

Skills & Interests: Interests: Computer Games Development, Computer Graphics, Distributed Systems, Web Applications, Mobile Applications. Skills: Java, C++, C, Prolog, C#, Ruby, PHP, Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, SQL, Assembly, Scheme.
Hobbies: - Doing some tutorials I can find on the web about games development (the last two I did were about Voxels and Tile engines) - Going for walks with my girlfriend - Music and playing guitar (when I have the free time for that) - Watching movies - I read very little, only books that inspire me (like HP)
Email: goncalofsilva.25@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype -> goncalofsilva.25
Personal Page: http://paginas.fe.up.pt/~ei08139/


Petar Stojanac

Project role(s): SVN manager, Meeting manager, presentation and logic layer developer
Personal info: I am 23 years old and I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. I still live here and study computer science at FER. I finished the first 3 years of the university and got a diploma for that. Now I'll hopefully finish the last year (5th) and get a master degree.  
Skills & Interests: I'm skilled in C# and i can manage in C++. Previously I worked in Python too but not for some time now. I did a little of Android development.  
Hobbies: snowboarding, tennis
Email: petar.stojanac@fer.hr
Other contacts: MSN : inussj@hotmail.com Skype name: inussj
Personal Page:


Danijel Jambrečina

Project role(s): Database manager, logic layer developer
Personal info: I am 24 years old. I live in Križ, Croatia. I study Telecommunications and Informatics at FER. I finished Bachelor programme in Computing also at FER.  
Skills & Interests: software development (java, c#), databases (MySQL, Oracle)  
Hobbies: football, tennis, cycling, ice hockey, poker, learning languages
Email: danijel.jambrecina@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype: danijeljambrecina Live messenger: danijel_jambrecina@hotmail.com
Personal Page:

Robert Pofuk

Project role(s): Implementation manager, logic layer developer
Personal info:  
Skills & Interests:  PHP and Java development
Hobbies: traveling
Email: rpofuk@gmail.com
Other contacts:  Phone: +385915529171, Skype: rpofuk (SMALLp),  MSN: rpofuk@gmail.com. google+: rpofuk@gmail.com twitter: robert_pofuk, facebook: robert.pofuk
Personal Page: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-pofuk/25/1b1/496




 Aneta Vulgarakis (aneta.vulgarakis (at) se.abb.com)

Skype: aneta.vulgarakis