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Once again you forgot where you parked your car?

Don't worry our application will help you find it. It works both indoor and outdoor by using modern Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and a little bit of our magic.

Android application detects when you exit the car and locally stores the GPS location or the list of nearby beacons. If you forgot where you parked your car, our application leads you to it.

To make our application work in your garage you need to place the beacons in the garage and add them to our system. It's easy and simple - you can set everything up in less than a day. You just upgraded the garage or replaced some beacons? No problem - just log in and update the garage and it will be immediately available to all your clients.



Android application

  • Tracks multiple cars

  • Saves the location of your car on the outdoor parking lot

  • Saves the location of your can in an indoor garage

  • Navigates you through the indoor garage

  • Works silently in the backgroudn untill you can't find your car


Garage management web page

  • Registration and user management

  • Managers can add multiple garages

  • Garages support multiple floors with different layouts

  • Beacons can be visually added to the map

  • Mobile friendly

  • Public API

  • Scalable architecture



 Get it on Google Play



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Bruno Vunderl

Project role(s): Product owner

Personal info: Hi, my name is Bruno Vunderl and I come from Zagreb where I'm studying computer engineering at FER. Beside studying, for 3 years I've been working as a system integrator in a small company which specializes in R&D for automotive HMIs. During 2013. and 2014. I was electrical team lead in local Formula student team. I'm also member of students club (KSET) where I'm involved in organization of workshops, concerts and career fairs.

Skills and interests: My interest lies more in application and integration of multiple technologies for automotive industry than in a single technology. Therefore, I have developed applications and services in a dozen programming languages, designed multiple PCBs and electrical systems, worked in small and large teams and successfully communicated with clients and supervisors.

Hobbies: Cycling and hiking, digital and analog photography, drones and quadcopters, board games, craft beer and hot sauces testing. :)

E-mail: bruno.vunderl@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype - bvunderl,
Facebook - XeonSB

Saeed Ektesabi

Project role(s): Android developer

Personal info: I am 26 years old,I am from Iran and now I am studying computer engineering master at polimi(2nd year).My bachelor degree which I got in Iran was Computer software engineering

Skills and interests: Android programming,Networking,IoT,Webservices and Java programming.

Hobbies: Video Games,Hiking and Trekking,Board games,Comedy movies and stand up

E-mail: ektesabi.saeed@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype : ektesabi.saeed@gmail.com
Telegram : http://telegram.me/saeedpolimi

Mohsen Kashfi

Project role(s): Web developer

Personal info: I am 24 years old, Student of Politecnico di Milano in the MSc in Computer science engineering. My nationality is Iranian. I am interested working in team because I believe that team working not only will help you to find new friends but also it helps you to improve your knowledge more quickly.

Skills and interests: Network or System Administrator. But I am interested working in C#, Java...

Hobbies: Playing football, volleyball, Ping-pong, Cycling, Running are my hobbies

E-mail: mohsenkashfi71@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype. Mohsen.kashfi89

Hrvoje Zvjerković

Project role(s): Web developer

Personal info: 23 years old, from Dubrovnik, Croatia Studying Computer Engineering at FER, Zagreb, Croatia

Skills and interests: Embbeded systems design/programing

Hobbies: biking, playing comp. games

E-mail: hrvoje.zvjerković@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype - hrvoje.zvjerkovic

Riccardo Campo

Project role(s): SCRUM master

Personal info: 22, from Palermo in Sicily (ITA), Computer Engeneering, Computer Engeneering (UNIPA)

Skills and interests: Software developer

Hobbies: playing videogames, listening to music, reading books, playing guitar

E-mail: riccardo.cmp94@yahoo.it

Other contacts: Facebook: Riccardo Campo

Mihovil Dujmenović

Project role(s): Android developer

Personal info: 25 years old, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, living in Zagreb (Croatia) since 1998, studying at FER University of Zagreb

Skills and interests: I'm interested in developing software for embedded systems

Hobbies: Playing guitar

E-mail: mihovil.dujmenovic@fer.hr

Other contacts: Skype Mihovil Dujmenović
WhatsApp Mihovil
Facebook Mihovil Dujmenović
Viber Mihovil


Local supervisor

Igor Čavrak (igor.cavrak@fer.hr)

Remote supervisor

Elisabetta Di Nitto (elisabetta.dinitto@polimi.it)


Project customer

Branko Beslać (Branko.Beslac@ringtelekom.hr)