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Goran Petanjek
Project role(s): Project Leader
Personal info: Born in Pula (Croatia), studying computer science at FER in Zagreb

Skills & Interests: C#, java, C , etc.
Hobbies: Sports, party, enjoy life!!!
Pesonal Page:
Email: goran.petanjek(at)gmail.com


Fedor Pollak
Project role(s): Getting the necessary equipment (web camera, mic ...)
Personal info: born in Zagreb (Zagreb), studying at FER
Skills & Interests: C#, java, C, etc.
Hobbies: Sports (very important), partying, drinking coffee
Pesonal Page:
Email: fedor.pollak

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Tomislav Dušak
Project role(s):
Personal info: Born in year 1984. in Zagreb (Croatia). 5th year of computer science study at FER Croatia
Skills & Interests: Java, C#, C, TinyOS & nesC, fuzzy, evolutionary and neural computing, pattern recognition, machine learning, ubiquitous computing...
Skiing, music, playing strumming instruments (tambura, guitar, electric bass), freshwater aquaristics, hanging out with friends and persons I care of,...
Pesonal Page:
Email: tomislav.dusak

Skype: tomislavdusak

Denis Siladi
Project role(s):
Personal info:
Skills & Interests:
Pesonal Page:
Email: denis.siladi


Vijai Karpe
Project role(s): Slave
Personal info: From India, studying computer science & engineering at Mälardalens University.
Skills & Interests: C & C++, VX Works, Nucleus and SHARK.
Hobbies: Composing music (keyboards & gitaur), tennis and football.
Pesonal Page:
Email: vke04001(at)student.mdh.se

Thom Olausson
Project role(s):
Personal info: Born in Sweden and studying computer science at Mälardalens University (4th year)
Skills & Interests: C, C# (standalone and ASP.NET), Java, MySql etc.
Hobbies: Spend time with family and friends, listen to music, watching sports etc
Pesonal Page:
Email: ton03001(at)student.mdh.se

Mikael Johansson
Project role(s): Team Leader
Personal info: 24 years old from Västerås. Studying Computer Science with realtime systems and software development as main subjects
Skills & Interests:  C, C++ , C#, Java, PHP & ASP, databases, Webdesign
and some Linux. I'm interested in computer security and networking
Hobbies: Friends, computers, military (active as second lieutenant), sports and to party...
Pesonal Page:
Email: mjn03010(at)student.mdh.se

Robert Westerlund
Project role(s): Slave
Personal info: Viking from northern Sweden. Moved to Västerås in 2003 to study Computer Science at MDH. Working as a software developer on the side of studying.
Skills & Interests: C, ASP.NET & C# (My main language, beside swedish and english), Java, Databases (SQL Server and FireBird)
Hobbies: Sporting, music (play the guitar, bass and sing) and programming
Pesonal Page:
Email: rwd03001(at)student.mdh.se