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Tin Tvrtković
Project role(s): Project Leader, World Wind integration, miscellaneous coding tasks
Personal info:
Skills & Interests:Java, C++, open source technologies, computer networks in general
Hobbies: video games [pc/wii], politics, football (soccer)
Personal Page:
Email: work-related: tin.tvrtkovic (at) fer.hr , non-work related: tinchester (at) gmail.com
Other contacts: ICQ: 2601464, MSN: tt40627 (at) pinus.cc.fer.hr, Facebook: "Tin Tvrtković"

Josip Labor
Project role(s): the math team (route reduction algorithms)
Personal info: born 14.2.1985. in Sibenik/Croatia
Skills & Interests:C, Java
Hobbies:football, computer games, sports betting
Personal Page:
Email: josip.labor (at) fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype: josip.labor

Tihomir Bregović
Project role(s): documentation, testing
Personal info:
Skills & Interests:C++, C#, Java, PHP...
Hobbies:poker, formula 1, moto GP, paintball...
Personal Page:
Email:tihomir.bregovic (at) fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype: tihomir.bregovic, Icq: 286586332

Coen Tempelaars
Project role(s): the math team (route reduction algorithms)
Personal info: Born in 1985 in a town near Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Studying computer science and engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. Exchange student for one semester (sep 2008 - jan 2009) at Mälardalen University.
Skills & Interests:Python, Java, C#, etc.
Hobbies:Sailing, running, partying. And back in Holland: hanging out with my friends of the Eindhoven Student Association "Demos", for whom I've organized and done tons of stuff and hanging out with my friends of the Student Sailing Association "Boreas".
Personal Page:
Email: cts08001 (at) student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype: coentempelaars MSN Messenger: c.tempelaars (at) student.tue.nl

Federico Ciccozzi
Project role(s): input / output code, misc. coding
Personal info: born in L'Aquila, Italy, in 1983. Studied in Linköpings Universitet (Sweden) in 2004. Currently attending the Global Software Engineering European Master Program in Västerås (Sweden).
Skills & Interests: Java, C, C#, UML, JUnit
Hobbies: PARTYING! swimming, skiing, riding horses, playing and watching football, supporting for my favourite football team (INTER), watching/playing poker.
Personal Page:
Email: fci08001 (at) student.mdh.se
Other contacts:Skype/Msn: hbfici (at) hotmail.com

Pablo Santibañez Jara
Project role(s): Team leader @ MdH, GUI design and implementation
Personal info: Born in Chile 1982, came here when I was about seven, lived here since then basically, right now trying to get the bachelor exam in MDH.
Skills & Interests: C, C++, C#, VB Excel macro, Java, Ada, UML and stuff
Playing games, working out, partying ofcourse, board member of the student fraternity of computer science DALO and proably other stuff I like to do >P

Personal Page:
Email: psz05002 (at) student.mdh.se
Other contacts: msn: kaishos (at) yahoo dot com

Jenny Jutterström
Project role(s): GUI design and implementation
Personal info: 24 years old, born in Uppsala (Sweden) but lived and studied in Västerås since 2005. Computer science/Software engineering master student.
Skills & Interests: C++, C, Java, C#, etc.
Hobbies: Friends, party, working out, music (metal).
Personal Page:
Email: jjm05001 at student.mdh.se
Other contacts:  msn: buffiebuff (at) gmail dot com