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Ana Petričić
Project role(s): Project Leader , comunication with clients, web design, documentation management

Personal info: born in Zagreb, 15.11.1984., student of computer science at FER, 5th year

Skills & Interests: web design ((X)HTML), XML, CSS, Javascript), C, C#, SQL
Hobbies: skating, playing with my chinchilla Cookie, and all the stuff that young people like:)
Email: E-mail 1 , E-mail 2

Other Contacts: skype: ana.petricic

Juraj Misur

Project role(s): Team Leader , database definition and maintenance, Bugzilla management, integration, JSP coding

Personal info: born in Bratislava, Slovakia, 15.1.1985; student of Computer Science in Prague, 5th year

Skills & Interests: java, xml, unix stuff, databases and more
Hobbies: coding, bike, fitness, volleyball, books, documentary movies
Email: E-mail

Other Contacts: icq: 174204143, skype: ujoduri


Nikica Budimir
Project role(s): JSP coding, vmware server maintenance

Personal info: 25 years old, born in Sibenik, living in Zagreb

Skills & Interests: PHP, SQL, Java, C#, C/C++, Flash
Hobbies: waterpolo, mtb (AXC)
Email: E-mail

Other Contacts: skype: bude_hr


Juraj Feljan
Project role(s): JSP coding

Personal info: 22 years old, born and living in Zagreb/Croatia, 5th year computer science student at FER

Skills & Interests: Java, C/C++, SQL, HTML, XML, JSP, Servlet
Hobbies: tennis, football, biking
Email: E-mail


Sanin Mujkić
Project role(s): JavaScript coding, testing

Personal info: Born in Koprivnica(NettleCity) , lived in Lepavina (NiceWine village), primary school education in Sokolovac (FalconHunter village), high scool in Varaždin. Now student at FER, Zagreb, partial time working at RING DataCom (www.ring.net)

Skills & Interests: software development - HTML, asp, php, C, C#; databases - Oracle, ...

Hobbies: mountaineering, biking, paragliding, photography - assisting in OADF (http://www.fer.hr/predmet/oadf)

Email: E-mail

Other Contacts:
:( not updated recently)


Bettina Ortmayr
Project role(s): application core coding, web interface testing

Personal info: computer science student (5th year/2nd year in Master program), exchange student from Linz/Austria at MdH

Skills & Interests: software development (Java, C, C#, Python, Perl), Linux, hardware development / (formal) verification, ...


Panon Supiratana
Project role(s): JSP coding, SVN management

Personal info: I was born in Thailand and graduated Bsc(computer science), now studying Software engineering at MDH

Skills & Interests: JavaME, JavaSE, Servlet, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, PHP, Databases
Hobbies: Playing music instruments (drums and guitar), Extreme activity (Street racing, Military training)
Email: E-mail

Other Contacts: msn: mek_cs@hotmail.com, skype: coolpanon

Jorge Cervera

Project role(s): JSP coding

Personal info: from Spain.

Skills & Interests: Java programming (J2SE, J2ME), C programming, SQL (MySQL) (There are more, but i think that these are the most useful)

Email: E-mail

Other Contacts: Skype account: jocervera