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The aim of this project is to create an app that could involve commuters in order to obtain their GPS data and classify users' trips by recognizing if they were traveling either by train or by bus/tram.

The application implements a funny gamification view that will show you how much CO2 you've saved and display a tree that will grow bigger when a user reaches three checkpoints of saved CO2.

When the user saves enough CO2, he will be rewarded with discounts that he/she can use for later trips and will appear as fruits growing on the tree.




  • Ticket activation
  • View Live Location
  • View Motion Detection during trip
  • Use Coupons
  • View how much CO2 you saved


  • APIs to retrieve user data
  • Gamification
  • Wallet management
  • Train/bus detection



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Anton Roslund

Project role(s):

Personal info:

Hey! My name is Anton Roslund, I'm 26. I'm from Stockholm, Sweden and studying my fifth year at MDH at the Software Engineering program.  

Skills and interests: 

App development (iOS), Open Source, Machine Learning, Functional Programming, "Modern" Statically typed programming languages like Swift, Rust, Go, Kotlin and F#.

I have experience with Git, Github, and GitFlow, Node and express. MongoDB, XCode, CI/CD, Testing.

Some experience with Kubernetes.

Hobbies: Skydiving, Snowboarding, Climbing, Hiking, 3D-printing 

E-mail: ard15003@student.mdh.se, Anton.Roslund@minit.nu

Other contacts:

Skype: enari_

Gmail: anton.roslund@minit.nu


Luca Ferrera

Project role(s):

Personal info: 
Hi I'm Luca Ferrera, I'm 23 and I'm from Rome, now studying at Polimi Computer Science Engineering. I've done a pair of web application during my Bachelor degree at Sapienza in Rome and some projects in the first year of Master here in Milan. I'm a fullstack specialist at Mia-Platform, well I've just started but I hope I'll do good!

Skills and interests: 

I've experience with some backend frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails, now I'm starting studying Fastify based on NodeJS.
This year I've learnt Kafka and Flink for streaming and aggregating data.
I've experienced Docker and GitHub for some projects I've made.

In my free time I love watching TV series, maybe too much to be onest.
I'm a travel addicted and everytime I've some free time I go somewhere, always looking for new places to discover!

E-mail: luca.ferrera@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:

Facebook Luca Ferrera
Slack luca_ferrera
Telegram lucaferrera

Skype live:luca.ferrera

Philip Lindberg

Project role(s):

Personal info: 

Hi, my name is Philip I’m 25 and from Finland where I’m studying computer science. I’m doing part of my degree here at MDU in Sweden as part of a Nordic master’s program called NISS.

Skills and interests: 

I’m mostly interested in game development so that’s the area most of my experience is related to.

Programming languages: Java, C#, Python, Objective-C

Frameworks/Technologies: LibGDX, Unity, Cocos2d


Game development and digital art

E-mail: plg19005@student.mdh.se

Other contacts:


Discord: Gurbx#0037

Mattia Righetti

Project role(s):

Personal info:

I'm an italian PoliMi student enrolled at the Ms.c in Computer Science and, actually, this is my 5th year here in Milan.

I've worked on a lot of projects during these years and this semester, other than the DSD Project, I'm working on four other projects: an iOS app, two recommender systems projects and finally an Hololens project (If you didn't get it, I love projects and get my hands dirty). 

I'm always trying to learn new stuff and also teach to others and I think this is the right place.

I'm a friendly person, I'm patient and rarely shy.

I'm obsessed with clean and concise code, sorry for that in advance 


Skills and interests: 

  • Programming Languages:
    Java, Swift (iOS Apps, MacOS Apps), C, C# (basic), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Bash Scripting (Good)
  • Database Languages:
    MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Frameworks/Programs:
    Bootstrap, Heroku, Docker (very basic), AWS (very basic), Maven, Node, a bunch of Javascript libraries
  • Version Control:
    Git (Very good knowledge: git internals, plumbing and porcelain commands etc.)
  • Interested in:
    Vue, React & backend technologies

Hobbies: Coding & sport in general

E-mail: mattia1.righetti@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:

  1. Telegram Username: @mattrighetti
  2. Gmail: matt95.righetti@gmail.com

Davide Hu

Project role(s):

Personal info: 

I'm an italian PoliMi student enrolled at the Ms.c in Computer Science and, actually, this is my 5th year here in Milan.

Skills and interests: 

  • Programming Languages:
    Java (very good), Bash scripting, C, frontend languages (HTML, CSS, JS).
  • Frameworks/Programs:
    Frontend: Bootstrap, Bulma and Java template engines like Rocker, Thymeleaf and Rythm.
    Backend: Spring, NodeJS.
    Databases: MySQL, PostegreSQL.
    Data streaming: Flink, Kafka.
    Cloud: AWS(Lambda, S3, EC2, DynamoDB, Elasticbeanstalk), Azure (Functions, Batch, CosmosDB, Table Storage) and GCP (App engine, Firebase)
    Container: Docker and Kubernetes.
  • I am not good with:
    Git (basic skills), machine learning and this platform. (it's the 4th time I am editing this profile).

I love solving performance tuning and scalability issues.

Hobbies: Football (Liverpool FC), Beer, Videogames and E-sports.

E-mail: Davideyi.hu@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:

Luca Terracciano

Project role(s):

Personal info: Hi I'm Luca Terracciano and I'm 23. I'm from Verona and currently enrolled at the Ms.c in Computer Science and Engineering here in Politecnico di Milano.

During these years I have done several projects including also a pair of websites and a distributed board game as final project of the bachelor degree.

Skills and interests: 

During these years I have used these languages and frameworks:

  • Programming Languages: C, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python.
  • Frameworks/Programs: NodeJS, Bootstrap, Heroku, Docker, OpenMP, OpenMPI
  • Version control: Git.

I have also done a couple of projects using Apache Flink and Apache Kafka.

I'm  mainly interested in backend technologies.

Hobbies: I like all kind of sports especially fencing, I started it when I was 8 years old. I also love to travel and watch tv series.

E-mail: luca.terracciano@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts:

Telegram: @LucaTerra

Gmail: terraccianoluca@gmail.com

Fabio Di Silvestro

Project role(s):

Personal info: I'm italian and I'm enrolled in the GSEEM master's program (collaboration between University of L'Aquila and Mälardalen University). After the bachelor's degree I worked for 3 years as a consultant in a small IT company before starting the Master's.

I like practical projects even if I don't have much experience, so I hope I'll learn a lot from the project and the group.

Skills and interests:

  • Programming Languages: Java, VB .Net, HTML, CSS, SQL, Python (Poor)
  • Technologies: Docker (Poor), Maven, Spring Framework (Poor)

I'm intrested in developing a mobile applications.

Hobbies: Training, Sports, F1, Beer

E-mail: fdo19001@student.mdh.se

Other contacts:

Gmail: fabio.disilv@gmail.com

Telegram: @FabioDiSilv

Skype: fabio.disilv

Emma Bortone

Project role(s):

Personal info: I'm a double degree student from France. I'm enrolled at the Ms.c in computer science and engineering at Politecnico di Milano 
( I'm also graduating as a process engineer at my home university : INP-ENSIACET)

Skills and interests: 

  • Programming languages : javascript, C++,  java
  • Frameworks/technologies : react native, PostgreSQL, CPLEX
  • Others : UML, optimization, git (basic)

Hobbies: Netflix, reading

E-mail: emma.bortone@mail.polimi.it /


Other contacts:

fb : emma btn 
whatsapp : 3755333993

skype : emma.bortone

Golrokh Hamidi

Project role(s):

Personal info: 

Hi! I am an exchange student at MDH. I’m from Iran and I am 24. I’m attending a one-year master’s program in software engineering at MDH. And I’m also going to graduate from my home university; the University of Tehran in Iran.

Skills and interests: 

Programming languages: mostly Python, C++, Java

I have some experience with these languages and technology: C#, Node JS, HTML, CSS, Hibernate, SQL, Django, Docker, git, OpenMP (and maybe some other things I don’t remember!)


Mountaineering, Hicking, Cycling

I have climbed some mountains in Iran. I love nature, exploring new places, backpacking and hitchhiking.

E-mail: gol.hamidi@gmail.com

Other contacts:

Skype: live:.cid.6f817ecb92ddd45

WhatsApp: +989393399545
Telegram: +989393399545
Facebook: golrokh hamidi

Mohini Gupta

Project role(s):

Personal info: 

Hi! I am from India currently pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering in Politecnico Di Milano.

I have worked on various projects on Mobile Application Development (Android), and Web Application Development (PHP, JavaScript). I work well with a team, and don't hesitate to take part in competitions. 

I always aim to acquire and develop new knowledge, one of the reason why I am interested in this course.

Skills and interests: 

  • Programming languages : Java, JavaScript, C, PHP, JSON, XML, HTML/CSS
  • Platforms: Android, Client-Side Web, Server-Side Web
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle
  • Modeling Languages: ERD, UML
  • Framework/Technologies :  JQuery, Eclipse, NetBeans, Google Map API, REST API
  • Version Control:  Git 

Hobbies: Coding, Reading, Netflix

E-mail: mohini.gupta@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: 

skype: monagupta485@gmail.com

facebook: Mohini Gupta



Local supervisor

Elisabetta Di Nitto (elisabetta.dinitto@polimi.it)

Remote supervisor

Lorenzo Addazi(lorenzo.addazi@mdh.se)



Project customers

Federico Oldrini  (giulio.roggero@mia-platform.eu)

Edoardo Bevilacqua (edoardo.bevilacqua@mia-platform.eu)