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URL:  http://ehealthservicetest5.cloudapp.net


E-Health Service supports doctors in everyday activities, such as the retrieval of mixed media information of their patients that combines text with or without images referring to their personal data, their medical histories and patient-related diseases. The results can be displayed on the doctors’ hand-held device. The patients are allowed to retrieve information about the doctor expertise and they update some vital parameters (e.g. heart rate) thus their health is continuously monitored. On the basis of such data doctors may send an alarm in case of warning conditions. Various emergency response agencies (e.g. first aid and hospitals) may benefit from the aggregation and the processing of data received from the system, determine the occurrence of emergency situations, and store the results. In particular, such results evidence the characteristics of the emergency situation and alert the rescue team that must intervene with QoS requirements depending on the seriousness of the emergency. The above scenario is an example of pervasive software systems that, unlike traditional systems, are expected to be utilized in a variety of scenarios (e.g. different emergency situations), many of which may not be known a priori. In other words, the system actual functional and QoS requirements become known at runtime.


Gregorio Perego

Project role(s): Documentation manager - Web Design Manager
Personal info: I'm 23 years old and I'm from Monza (Italy). I have studied Scientific Lyceum and now I'm studying Computer Engineering (master degree) at Polimi: I got first degree last year in Computer Engineering.  
Skills & Interests: Good ability to coordinate projects in a team and programming (especially in Java).  
Hobbies: I play soccer, chess, bowling and minigolf in free time.
Email: gregorio.perego@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype: gregorio.perego Twitter: https://twitter.com/GregorioPerego
Personal Page:


Stefania Pezzetti

Project role(s): Project Manager - Developer
Personal info: Hi, I'm Stefania and I'm from Buglio in Monte a little village located in Valtellina in the mountains. I live in Milan to study but I come back home every weekend. I'm studying Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and previously I studied at the "Liceo socio-psico-pedagogico", an high school where the main subjects are sociology, pedagogy and psychology.  
Skills & Interests: Good ability to coordinate projects in a team and programming.  
Hobbies: Reading novels, listening music (Laura Pausini is my favourite singer), play with my dog and watch my brother's football matches.
Email: pezzettistefania@gmail.com
Other contacts: SKYPE stefania.pezzetti TWITTER Stefy_P89
Personal Page:


Vedran Sikic

Project role(s): Mobile developer
Personal info: I was born in Osijek 22 years ago, where i went to elementary school and highschool. I also got my Bachelor degree at Faculty of electrical engineering in Osijek, and came to FER to get my masters degree.  
Skills & Interests: I am currently learning android programming, but not yet skilled at it. I suck at everything else.  
Hobbies: Playing videogames and sleeping.
Email: sikic.vedran@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype - vedrans7 MSN Live - sikic.vedran@gmail.com gtalk - sikic.vedran@gmail.com
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Bojan Kosanović

Project role(s): Developer, System architect
Personal info: - 23 years old - born in Zagreb, Croatia - high-school: V. gimnazija (Zagreb) - bachelor's degree on computing at FER
Skills & Interests: - team worker - knowledge of English and German - a lot of experience in Java and Eclipse - good experience in C# and Visual Studio 2010
Hobbies: Learning languages, bodybuilding, guitar
Email: bojan.kosanovic@fer.hr
Other contacts: Skype - bojan.k1234@gmail.com Live messenger - bojan-k123@hotmail.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bojan.kosanovic.3
Personal Page:


Tomislav Tolj

Project role(s): SVN Manager, Server Manager, Developer
Personal info: My name is Tomislav, and I'm 24 years old. I come from Croatia, Zagreb and I'm currently enrolled into Faculty of Electrical Engeneering and Computing in Zagreb, and plan on getting my degree next year. My area of interests are programming applications, be that desktop, web or mobile based. The courses I've taken have been mostly oriented toward developing desktop apps, but I am looking forward to getting some more experience developing mobile applications and applications which require multiple online data sources.  
Skills & Interests: SQL,C#,.NET Coding applications Requirements gathering Testing SQL server
Hobbies: Recreational football, online gaming, guitar playing
Email: tommy.t.emmanuel@gmail.com
Other contacts: skype - tommy.t.emmanuel@gmail.com
Personal Page:


Marko Kelava

Project role(s): Team leader
Personal info: My name is Marko Kelava, I'm from Zagreb, Croatia, and I'm a student of 5th year at the Faculty of Electronics and Computing in Zagreb.  
Skills & Interests: C/C++/C# is my main territory. some HTML, CSS, MVC, good organizational skills
Hobbies: computer games, hanging with friends, movies, DIY stuff, plotting world domination...
Email: lord.targaryen@gmail.com
Other contacts: skype - lordrhaegar
Personal Page:

Petar Kekez

Project role(s): Mobile developer, test manager
Personal info:   
I am 24 years old. I am from Split (Croatia). Im at my final year of the Masters progeam in Software engineering and information systems . I am studying in Zagreb (FER). After i finish my studies i plan to go abroad to work, the plan is to go to Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.  

Skills & Interests:Main: .NET, C#, ASP.net, ASP MVC, SQL Server, WP 7.5, HTML. I got experience in the named skills during my studies and in part time work outside of the university
Other: Java, Android app development
Hobbies: Bike riding, judo, traveling
Email: petar.kekez@outlook.com
Other contacts: skype - pero10111
Personal Page: 



 Raffaela Mirandola (mirandola[at]elet.polimi.it)