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The Bumpy project is aimed to make cycling safer and more attractive. The customer of the project is the Cyclist’s Union, a volunteer association founded in 2011 and located in Zagreb, Croatia. Their goal is to promote cycling as an efficient, sustainable and healthy way of transport to have a clean, safe and pleasant green cities.

Bumpy provide cyclists with useful information to choose a safe route with good-quality roads and collect information about trips made by a user to create statistics. To make cycling more fun, Bumpy offers the gamification of cycling and provide cyclists with an opportunity to unlock achievements. Application has both mobile (Android) and web version.



Android application

  • view the Road Quality map with detected bumps

  • start and end trip

  • see distance, speed, vibration level and duration during the trip

  • bumps detection

  • view trip statistics

  • view the list of past trips

  • get achievements during the trips and view the achievements list

  • manage the trip data upload process

  • export trip as CSV file

  • delete trip

Web application

  • view the Road Quality map with detected bumps

  • log in with the unique identifier

  • view the list of previous trips

  • view detailed trip information

  • export trip as CSV file

  • delete trip



Web application

Main page/Road Quality map