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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way that we live and interact with each other. The simple act of going grocery shopping has become a serious health risk. CLup is an application that aims to mitigate the chances of infection by allowing customers to queue and reserve timeslots digitally, thus remotely controlling the influx of clients in an establishment.


Functionalitis based on the end-user:

Store customers can use the app to:

  • Search stores through a simple search bar and filter the results.
  • Digitally queue up from wherever, monitor the state of the queue and even be given an ETA.
  • Drop out or move back in the queue if they cannot make it to the store in time.
  • Book a specific timeslot to visit the store in advance.
  • Review their reservations and queues.
  • Use store statistics to better plan their visits.


Store managers can use the app to:

  • View client influx statistics for their store.
  • Define the maximum number of people allowed in the store at once.
  • Define the ratio of queue slots to reservation slots for their store.
  • Print queue tickets for people who will not or cannot use the application.


Admins can use the app to:

  • Add stores into the application’s database.
  • Generate manager accounts for approved stores.




  • Blade (Templating)
  • SCSS (Styling)
  • JavaScript



  • Laravel (PHP based web-framework)



  • MySQL



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Search Page


Store Details Page


Store Statistics Page


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Project Contact: Toni Sterbic (toni.sterbic@gmail.com)

Luka Mrković

Luka Mrković

Project role(s): Scrum Master, Back-end developer

Personal info: 23 y/o, from Croatia, studying at FER

Skills and interests: Experienced in C, Java, various HDL languages

Hobbies: Hiking, Table tennis, Books, Movies, Videogames

E-mail: luka.mrkovic@gmail.com

Ivan Žuglić

Project role(s): Back-end developer

Personal info: I'm not afraid of bugs (computer & animal ones) but that doesn't mean I like them

Skills and interests: Experienced with C# and Java in Back-end development and with C in Embedded programming. Interested in Computer security.

Hobbies: Sport, Music, Travel, Movies, Videogames

E-mail: zuglic.ivan@gmail.com

Other contacts:

  • Facebook - Ivan Žuglić
Toni Sterbic

Toni Šterbić

Project role(s): Frontend Developer, Product Owner

Personal info: I once slept for 17 whole hours.

Skills and interests: Experienced in Frontend Development and OOP

Hobbies: Travel, Movies, Novels, Videogames, Anime

E-mail: toni.sterbic@gmail.com

Other contacts: toni.sterbic@gmail.com

Kejsi Bicoku

Project role(s):Frontend Developer

Personal info: Every week I cut Gerald's hair 

Skills and interests: C#, Java

Hobbies: Photoshooting, traveling, hairstyling, shopping

E-mail: kbu20001@student.mdh.se

Other contacts:+46760859072

Gerald Tukseferi

Project role(s): Frontend Developer

Personal info: I broke Toni's record by 2 hours

Skills and interests: C#, Java

Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking, Netflix, Gym(I pay the fee regularly)

E-mail: gti19001@student.mdh.se

Other contacts: +355 698375400

Tamara Knežević

Project role(s): Backend developer

Personal info: What Toni said 

Skills and interests: Java, PHP, JavaScript, databases

Hobbies: Traveling, movies, sleeping

E-mail: tamaraaknezevic@gmail.com

Other contacts: 

Josip Ramljak

Project role(s): Back-end developer

Personal info: Friendly

Skills and interests: Experienced in VHDL, C, Java

Hobbies: Football and videogames 

E-mail: matko.zlatko42@gmail.com

Other contacts: +385 92 188 7763


Malvina Latifaj (MDH)

E-mail: malvina.latifaj@mdh.se


Ivana Bosnić (FER)

E-mail: ivana.bosnic@fer.hr