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In today’s modern world where educational boundaries slowly disappear, transit of students from one university to another is increasing. Most of time they want to conduct an experience of studying abroad. Often, different countries includes different languages or cultures, what can be challenging or even too hard to overcome. Exploring or choosing a suitable university involves adaptation to different searching tools, sites and portals. Their mechanism of showing relevant data can be confusing and not understandable at first and demand exhaustive work to get familiar with.  Even if they found a similar university or one that matches their preferences, comparing courses can be challenging. Such data are not centralized and easily offered as they should be. To remove unnecessarily work and unpleasant experience before they even start, this project aim to provide all relevant information and insure that they choose best possible destination for their further education.

CSyllabus is imagined as a web platform which should ease up process of finding and comparing courses on domestic and foreign faculties. It will enable users to discover and compare courses on interactive way through web application. This “one click” app will save time and provide very useful information to interested parties.


  • Explore courses of a university.
  • Compare courses between 2 universities.
  • Login using Facebook or Gmail to comment a course.
  • Manage courses if you are a university administrator.


Desktop and mobile view of landing page :

Desktop and mobile view of landing page


Desktop and mobile view of Comparator :


Desktop and mobile view of Comparator results :


Admin panel - all courses :


Admin panel - course edit :




  • Python
  • Django


  • Angular4+
  • Angular Material


The application (website)

Demo video

GitHub repository

Project management - Product backlog

Project management - Sprint backlog

Bugs report tool


Zvonimir Relja

Project role(s): Super Slave Engineer

Personal info: Zvonimir Relja, 23 years old from Croatia. Currently on second year of Masters in Computer Engineering at FER, Zagreb.

Skills and interests: Fullstack web dev. and embedded engineering enthusiast.

Hobbies: Eating food. All of it.

E-mail: zvonimir.relja@fer.hr

Other contacts:"Skype - munjaas Zvonimir Relja
FB - https://www.facebook.com/zrelja"

Filip Turčinović

Project role(s):

Personal info: 23, Sveti Petar u Šumi, Croatia, Computer Engineering

Skills and interests: Embedded systems, Web development

Hobbies: football, drone flying

E-mail: filip.turcinovic@fer.hr

Other contacts:Facebook (Filip Turčinović)
Skype (filt27)

Emanuel Guberovic

Project role(s):

Personal info: Last year of master studies in computer engineering at FER, Croatia. Love writing code and wondering how it actually works.

Skills and interests: full stack development, embedded engineering

Hobbies: avid bird watching (jk)

E-mail: emanuel.guberovic@fer.hr

Other contacts: "facebook - https://www.facebook.com/eguber
skype - emanuel.guberovic
hangouts - emanuel.guberovic
linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/eguberovic/"

Matej Vukosav

Project role(s): Product Owner

Personal info: Hi! My name is Matej. I am 24 years old student from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Currently on last year studying Software Engineering and Information System. From 2015 I have been working as an Software engineer in different companies , mostly as Android developer. I'm also co-organizer of Google Developers Group Zagreb (GDG Zagreb) and member of Electrical Engineering Student's European Association (EESTEC).

Skills and interests: "Programming languages: Java, Swift, C#, Kotlin. I have experience in software development, Scrum methodology, organization and managements of events, leading teams and delivering a product. "

Hobbies: Gym and football.

E-mail: matej.vukosav@fer.hr

Other contacts:"Skype: matej.vuki
Facebook: Matej Vukosav"

Sebastian Arturo Obando Mayoral

Project role(s): Developer

Personal info: I am 21 years old, I am from Colombia, I´m an international double degree student, in Italy I´m studying the master degree in Computer Science and Engineering and in Colombia I have the degree in Industrial and Management Enginering. I have had some experiences in entrepeneurship with Real projects, some of these supported by institutions referring in Innovation. (I created a few of failed bussines).

Skills and interests: "My principal interests are Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, so on. I mean, I like all the things that Nobody has dominated yet :). Around Software development I really like the design and the architecture. I don´t like too much implement, I enjoy more thinking and resolving problems in the abstract world. My skills are around the modelling, the design and around the solving problems. "

Hobbies: Singing and playing guitar, I´m an artist too. I like to make money too.

E-mail: obandomayoral@gmail.com

Other contacts: Linkedin: Sebastian Mayoral
Skype: sebasobando1996
Facebook: Sebastian Obando Mayoral
Github: Sebastian Mayoral

Adrien Roques

Project role(s): Front-end Developer

Personal info: I'm a French erasmus student for 6 months, i come from Toulouse, i have 22 years old and i'm studiying Computer Science at polimi. Currently, in France, i'm an apprentice-engineer at Airbus Defence and Space.

Skills and interests: Software-Engineering at Airbus Defence and Space since since 2 years

Hobbies: tennis for 10 years, skiing

E-mail: adrien.roques.31@outlook.fr

Other contacts: Facebook:Adrien Roques

Thomas Benetti

Project role(s): Scrum master

Personal info: I'm Thomas Benetti, 22 years old. I'm an Erasmus student at Polimi in Computer Science and Engineering for 6 months. In France I am an apprentice-engineer in the telecom company Orange.

Skills and interests: Software engineer in apprenticeship with the engineering school 3iL Group in the telecom company Orange (France) for more than 2 years now

Hobbies: Skiing, swimming, travelling

E-mail: thomas.benetti@mail.polimi.it

Other contacts: Facebook: Thomas Benetti


Local supervisor

Ivana Bosnić (ivana.bosnic@fer.hr)

Remote supervisor

Raffaela Mirandola (raffaela.mirandola@polimi.it)


Project customer

Gruia-Catalin Roman(gcroman@unm.edu) - SCORE project proponent