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Published: 2010-01-15 at 16:47
CourseScheduler final product

The CourseScheduler final product has been released!


The last iteration of the CourseScheduler project is officially finished today. Final product is published and all required documentation written and published to the official project site at FERweb.

List of parts done and work invested in last iteration:

  • Automatic scheduling implemented
  • Programs and courses search included
  • Usability improvements made (e.g. help system, confirmation dialogs)
  • Most of bugs fixed
  • Project Description document updated
  • Design Description document updated
  • Requirements Specification document updated
  • Acceptance Test Plan document finished
  • Testing done and Test Report created
  • User manual created
  • Technical documentation created
  • Installation manual created
  • Final project report created
  • Final distribution packages created

The CourseScheduler team thanks to all people involved in this project and people who helped us in any way to finish this project.

Samuleviciute Egle
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