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The project CourseScheduler was a part of the Distributed Software Development (DSD) course, held by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia and Mälardalen University in Sweden.

The project CourseScheduler had a goal to support for planning and showing the course schedule for Mälardalen University (MDU). The idea is to use this system then planning programs, courses and their scheduling for the academic year.

Project features in short:

  • Various types of schedule view
  • Searching and viewing details about programs and courses
  • Courses management for lecturers to manage details about their courses
  • Schedule proposals system for lecturers to propose schedule
  • Schedule management options for administrators to create, edit and delete schedule
  • Automatic scheduling for easier schedule creation
  • Programs management for administrators to manage programs data
  • Rooms management for administrators to manage rooms data
  • User management with access control
  • and much more...

The picture shows some parts of Course Scheduler system

  photo of egle samuleviciute

Egle Samuleviciute
Project role(s): Project leader
Personal info: 23 years old, female, Lithuanian and studying Software Engineering master.
Skills & Interests: I enjoy working on web applications as I am interested in PHP, Ruby and Java together with MySQL. I combine programming with design as I have some skills in usability and other visual aspects of UI.
Hobbies: Traveling, painting&drawing, dancing
Email: egle.samuleviciute@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype: digital__girl, Facebook: egle.samuleviciute


Inderjeet Oberoi
Project role(s): Backend developer, Documentation, Testing
Personal info: Age-24, Country-India, Origin- Indian, Studying- Masters in software Engineering
Skills & Interests: I have worked for1 year and 3 months as a deveoper and contributed in all the phases of development- documentation, design, coding, testing etc).

I am good at.Net,C++,MySQL,Javacript.I have good communication skills and can work well in a team. I have good prsentation skills as well.
Hobbies: I like reading and painting.
Email: ish09001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: skype- inderjeetso, facebook- inderjeetso@yahoo.com


Narendran Sivakumar    
Project role(s): Business Logic developer
Personal info: Age : 23, Country : India, Studies : Masters in Software Engineering
Skills & Interests: Experienced programmer in J2EE (Java,Java Web Services, EJB, JSF, Struts, Weblogic), Javascript, Oracle SQL.
Hobbies: Cricket, Volleyball
Email: nsr09002@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype : narendran.sivakumar, GTalk : tracemein@gmail.com


Ligaj Pradhan
Project role(s): SVN coordinator, backend developer
Personal info: Age: 26, Country and place of origin: Nepal, Studying: Software Engineering
Skills & Interests: I have worked with developing applications in java, flex and air actionscripting, .NET C# in an agile environment for 2 years. Now a days I am getting interested towards mobile application development. 
Hobbies: I love to play football and travel places. Hiking is something I would like to do every few months.
Email: lpn09006@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype: ligajpradhan, Live Messenger: pradhan_ligaj@hotmail.com, FaceBook: ligaj pradhan


Dario Vuljanić    

Project role(s): Team leader, backend developer
Personal info: Age: 23, male, Country: Croatia, Place of origin: Zadobarje (Karlovac), Study: Computing (Software Engineering and Information Systems)
Skills & Interests: desktop programming, web programming and design,database administration, team communication and organization
Hobbies: watching tv :), volunteering in my high school (helping future students to make decisions about college)
Email: dario.vuljanic@fer.hr
Other contacts: ICQ: 202805286, GTalk: dario.vuljanic@gmail.com, Facebook: dario.vuljanic, Skype: vulja007

Zvonko Ivić    
Project role(s): Backend developer
Personal info: Age: 23, Gender: male, City: Zagreb, Country: Croatia, Study program: Computing, Study program profile: Software Engineering and Information Systems
Skills & Interests: I worked quite alot and skilled in: Java, C#, Transact-SQL, Also I worked with, and I'm familiar in some lesser degree with:C PHP HTML CSS XML XSLT Shell programing
Hobbies: My only hobby is playing TCG games.
In the past I played a lot of them, and today I play only Yu-Gi-Oh.
Email: zvonko.ivic@fer.hr
Other contacts: MSN (preffered) - xyster@globalnet.hr, E-Mail - zvonko.ivic@fer.hr, I also use the following, but I prefer those mentioned above: ICQ - 213576575, Yahoo Messenger - xyster77777, Facebook - Zvonko Ivic    

Kristian Poslek    
Project role(s): Designer, frontend developer
Personal info: Age: 24, Country and place of origin: Croatia, Studying: Telecommunications and Information, Work: Web site projects for various clients
Skills & Interests: I'm a frontend Web application and sites designer and developer with good knowledge of Web usability and Web standards. My work includes sites such as http://www.hr and http://www.eldra.hr. The basic, or, if applicable, advanced, knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python or C# helps me greatly in working with backend developers.
Most of my design work is done in Adobe Photoshop.
Also, I'm good with public speaking and love doing and giving, somewhat unusual, but pretty successful presentations.
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, designing, dancing, singing...
Email: kristian.poslek@gmail.com
Other contacts: Live messenger: kristian.poslek@gmail.com, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bojzi