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Published: 2007-01-19 at 15:14
D-day is behind us!
We have managed to display the application on the final presentation. Some patching work remains, documenting also. Thanks to you people who were presenting and made it a good one (IMHO).. :)
Also, thanks to everyone for patience while we were setting up for the presentation..

In the continued part of this article are just a few screenshots from the battle that was fought with the code the day and night before the presentation.. You can see how that looked if you're interested.. We actually had fun.. :)
Day before.. 11am in front of the university...
The place of the 'battle' - fer - 11th floor. And also in Sweden.. guys were on the line on skype to fix possible bugs that show up..

You have to eat
Dinner break.. We were careful, and cleaned everything up.. Not that there was something to clean, but we didn't leave anything behind that could look like a mess.. :)

colors melted
At some point, the colors started to melt..

And by the time they finally melted, the only thing that kept us company was coding frenzy.. Below is Predrag totally unaware of the real world and deep in Course Builder web GUI development... :)
coding frenzy

All in all.. it was fun in a strange way.. and we already started to think how we'll miss dsd when we finish the application.. Also.. hi to the guys from the 'Museum' team that were doing the same thing in their own way.. :)

But .. this is not the last of us yet.. we still have things to deliver.. so stay tuned for more news.. :)
Svebor Prstačić
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