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The goal of content recommendation and reuse is to assist users when, creating content using online tools by providing the relevant content recommendation. User should be able to reuse relevant content by copying it .At the same time Help me! System should automatically create references on the same reused content.

The content recommendation and reuse consists of the following features:

·         Add-on – It is the functionality that collects the content from the user.

·         Collecting content- The system should automatically collect the content written or edited using the online tools. The collecting content is provided in both basic and advanced context.

·         Keywords- Relevant keywords should be displayed to the user by zemanta in a priority order.

·         Content recommendation- Delicious, Wikipedia returns links according to the keywords displayed by zemanta.

·         Copy relevant content- References are to be created for the copied content by the user.

These above features of our project are implemented in two browsers:

·         Mozilla Firefox

·         Chrome


                                               Figure 1: Displaying Links in chrome browser.

The main intended usage of our project is:

·         Help Users when creating the content.

·         Reuse the content created.

·         Reducing the time factor for collecting content.


   Description: FirefoxAfterTurningOnHelpMe

                              Figure 2: Help me in Firefox Browser.

This version of content recommendation and reuse can be accessed at the following link:





Sneha Prabha Chandran
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: 21,india,M.S in software engineering(one year program)
Skills & Interests: i have completed my bachelor degree of engineering in information technolgy. Have a passion for web application.
Hobbies: reading books,listening to music.
Email: scn10003@student.mdh.se
Other contacts:
facebook-sneha prabha 



Loredana Baračić  
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: Age: 23, Country: Croatia, Place of origin: Pula, Study: Computing (Software Engineering and Information Systems)
Skills & Interests: Java, C#, SQL, UML, little bit Python, .NET technologies
Hobbies: Basketball, bungEE jumping, tennis, movies, Rugby
Email: lokica13@gmail.com
Other contacts:
skype - lokica13
facebook - http://www.facebook.com/lokica13


Hamid Riaz
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: 26, from Pakistan, Magister in software Engineering in MDH.
Skills & Interests: Would like to enhance my expertise in testing and Quality Assurance.
Hobbies: Hiking, Cricket
Email: hrz10001@student.mdh.se,hmd.riaz@gmail.com
Other contacts:
Skype (hamid9756)
Facebook (hamid riaz)


Mridula Angepat
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info:  Age: 25,Country: India. I am doing Masters in Software Engineering (1 year program).
Skills & Interests: After my Engineering in Information Technology, i was working for Cognizant as a Performance Tester.
Hobbies: My hobbies consist of reading books, dance and music.
Email: mat10001@student.mdh.se, mridula.angepat@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skpe: mridula.prakash1, Gtalk: aamrid

Marko Cafuta
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: I am 24 years old, born on 30.01.1986 in Zagreb, Croatia. My high school was "Technical school Ruđer Bošković" where I graduated as "Computing Technician" in 2004. This year in July I graduated as Bachelor of Science Computing Engineer at university of Zagreb, FER. I’m currently studying on master studies course "Software engineering and information systems" at FER. Since 2008, parallel with college, I work in company named Recro-Net like a programmer.
Email: marko.cafuta2@fer.hr

Ather Sajjad
Project role(s):                                  
Personal info: 35, Pakistan, MS-Software Engineering (120 Credits)
Skills & Interests: I have almost ten years of professional experience in computer science field. I started my career as a software developer and later progressed to position to 'Project Manager' and 'Chief Technical Officer' in various organizations in Pakistan.
My primary interest is Software Engineering in context to Project Management and Software Architecture. I am also interested in composition of real time systems and component based development.
Hobbies: Watching Football, Reading Fiction, Reading about cutting edge technologies, learning new things.
Email: asd10005@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: Skype: athersajjad
Live Messenger: athersajjad@hotmail.com
Facebook: Ather Sajjad
Gtalk: athersajjad@gmail.com



Ivana Bosnić (ivana.bosnic[at]fer.hr)