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Luka Postružin
Project role(s):

  • Project leader
  • Database architect
  • Server administrator
  • Project Owner

Personal info: 22 years old, coming from Zagreb where i was also born. I am studying computer engineering, currently on my 5th year of study (2nd year on Masters program). I was enrolled to college in 2007, and got my bachelors degree last year, in 2010.
Skills & Interests: I am capable of adapting to a variety of programming languages because i used a lot of them during my studying years. Currently i am working in BI department in Vipnet. I am interested in developing WSN and some other automated processes that involve WSN.
Hobbies: I like all sports, especially rowing and football. Also i like skiing, running, cycling and a lot of other.
Email: luka.postruzin@fer.hr
Other contacts: Live messenger - hyracoidea@gmail.com, Gtalk - hyracoidea@gmail.com, Facebook - Luka Postružin

Matija Renić
Project role(s):

  • GSN developer
  • Server administrator
  • Project tester

Personal info: 22 years old, born in Zagreb Croatia, studying computer engineering on Faculty of electrical engineering and computing (FER).
Skills & Interests: C, C#, Java, basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL. Interested in programming, WSN, Genetic Algorithms.
Hobbies: Playing tambura (Croatian national instrument) in Folklore group KUD Frankopan - Remete and band called TS "Kao nekad".
Email: matija.renic@fer.hr

Other contacts:  MSN: matija.renic@hotmail.com, gmail: matija.renic@gmail.com 


Ante Ivanković
Project role(s):

  • Documentation manager
  • Database developer

Personal info: 22-year-old student from Croatia. I study Information and Communication technology profile Telecommunications and Informatics at FER. In 2010 I finished Bachelor programme in Computing also at FER. 
Skills & Interests: Organizational skills, programming, english, german, social networks 
Hobbies: Handball, Football, sport in general, films, traveling
Email: ante.ivankovic@fer.hr
Other contacts: 
Skype - crni_ante_88, Live messenger - aivankovic1@yahoo.com, Facebook - Ante Ivanković

Angie Angarita Soto
Project role(s):

  • Team leader
  • Web designer
  • Software Architect

Personal info:  I'm 25 years old I am from Venezuela. I am Computer Science Engineer. I am studying 2nd year of Software Engineering Master (GSEEM program) in  Mälardalen University, Västerås. I did my first master year at University of L'Aquila-Italy.
Skills & Interests: 
Languages: Spanish(Native),English (C1), Italian (B2), French (A1), Java, HTML, Dreamweaver, Linux, Software Testing, SQL, Photoshop, UML,  Interpersonal Leadership , Stress Management, Writing Reports, ISeries, Diaspec.
Hobbies: Learning Languages, watching Movies, Photoshop Designing/editing pictures, Cycling, Working with Animals, Snorkeling, Skiing, Play UNO, Second World War History, reading fantasy books, traveling, camping, hicking, Beach, playing Dominoes, Cooking, listening rock, reggae and ska music, going to rock/ska concerts, dancing ,computers and chating, hanging out with my friends.
Email: aaa11003@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: 
Skype: punketatumux, Live messenger: punketatumux@gmail.com, Facebook: Angie Carolina Angarita Soto, Gtalk: angie.angarita@gmail.com, Twitter: punketatumux

Usman Alam
Project role(s):  

  • WEB developer
  • WEB development coordinator

Personal info: I am from Sweden but my origin country is Pakistan. I am doing Master in Software Engineering from MDH. It is my 2nd year in MDH. My formal education is in Computer Science.
Skills & Interests: I have interest in Project Management and development. And i have professional skills in Java and PHP with knowledge of MySql database.
Hobbies: Playing Chess, Football, Cards and videos games. 
Email: uam10001@student.mdh.se
Other contacts: 
Skype: usmanalam.marvel, Gmail: usman.allam@gmail.com, Hotmail: honey_butt99@hotmail.com

Vallu Sreehari
Project role(s):

  • WEB developer
  • Project tester

Personal info: Hello all, I am Sreehari from India. I am here to pursue my Masters degree in software Engineering. From last 2+ years I have been working for a software company in India. In addition to my Industrial experience, I thought to gain some research knowledge and hence I have opted for this programme.
Skills & Interests: 
I am good in communication protocols like SIP and H.248.

I have a sound knowledge on C++ and C.
I have worked on Unix, Solaris and Windows environments.
Hobbies: Cooking, Gardening, Reading Technological books, Playing Cricket and Table Tennis.
Email: svu11001@student.msh.se, sreeharivallu@yahoo.com
Other contacts: 
skype: sreehari.vallu
Kristijan Šimunić

Kristijan Šimunić
Project role(s):

  • WEB developer
  • Scrum master

Personal info: I'm 22, from Croatia, Zagreb and I'm studiying software engineering and information systems (master programme) at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER). Previously I have been studiying Computer Science (bachelor programme) at FER.
Skills & Interests: 
Interested in travelling and exploring the world, studying, doing something useful :)
Email: ksimunic@gmail.com
Other contacts: 
Skype - ksimunic25, Live messenger - ksimunic@hotmail.com, Facebook - ksimunic, Google - ksimunic@gmail.com


 Igor Čavrak (igor.cavrak[at]fer.hr)