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Tomislav Sukser
Project role(s): Project Leader
Personal info: Born on 12th April 1984 in Zagreb, Croatia. Student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb since 2002. Attends 9th semester (5th yr) of study Computing.
Skills & Interests: programming and programming languages (C, C++, C#, .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, MS Visual Studio 2003, MS Visual Studio 2005, MS SQL Server, IBM Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, MS Office, MS Windows Server, WinAPIs, some Linux APIs), project managment, compiler design, modelling and simulations, graph theory, deterministic chaos, physics
Hobbies: Archery, Computers, Hanging out :)
Personal Page:
Email: tomislav.sukser(at)zg.htnet.hr

Tvrtko Bedeković
Project role(s): coding, CVS, GUI
Personal info: 23 years old, living in Zagreb, Croatia
Skills & Interests: astronomy, programming (ruby, smalltalk, c++)
Hobbies: mountain biking, tennis, martial arts
Personal Page:
Email: tvrtko.bedekovic

Dragan Jurić
Project role(s): coding, GUI
Personal info: Born in Mostar, BiH. Live and study in Zagreb, Croatia.
Skills & Interests: C#, Java, C, SQL, HTML, computer networks, computer animation...
Hobbies: movies, alternative music, drawing, hanging out...
Personal Page:
Email: dragan_juric(at)net.hr

Diego Laga-Ramon
Project role(s): Swedish team leader and coder.
Personal info: Born in Zárágózá twenty two years ago and single.
Skills & Interests: Java technology, DirectX technology and P2P.
Hobbies: Games, music, movies and beer (never alone).
Personal Page: I don't have, but this one is nice: www.nforce.nl
Email: dln06001(at)student.mdh.se

Daniel Bartolome-Estacho
Project role(s):
Personal info: Born in Zaragoza (Spain)
Skills & Interests: Java, a bit of C#, PROLOG and Component Pascal
Hobbies: Music, sports, movies and games
Personal Page:
Email: dbo06002(at)student.mdh.se, lanzgzlot(at)hotmail.com

Alejandro Sainz-Julian
Project role(s):
Personal info:
Born and raised in Zaragoza, Spain. I am currently 24 years old, and will be 25 by next 22nd May (I am accepting any kind of present!)
Skills & Interests: HTML, CSS, Java...
Hobbies: Digital Video Processing, Football, Basketball, Hanging out with friends!
Personal Page:
Email: asn06005(at)student.mdh.se
MSN messenger: introforum@gmail.com
Skype: introforum

Sreedhar Danturthi
Project role(s):
Personal info: Born in Visakhapatnam (India), It is located on the eastern shore of India, nestled among the Eastern Ghats Hill Ranges and facing the Bay of Bengal(Sea) to the east.
Skills & Interests: .Net and has curiosity in Geography
Hobbies: Football, music and Tennis
Personal Page:
Email: sdi06001(at)student.mdh.se