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Often we encounter web sites which contain very interesting data presented in a bad and non-intuitive way, which subsequently leads to a bad overall user experience. Another constraint of these web sites is that often users had to search for the information that they need in very large datasets.

HoopStats project is aimed to overcomme these downsides. It is based on two important features. The first one is to provide powerfull mechanism for tailoring data output, and the second is to represent that same output using advanced visualisation forms like tables and charts (pie, line, column).

The flexible querrying mechanism of the application enables users to create custom queries over the data. This advanced querrying mechanism give users complete control over the data yielded from the search. By adding conditions, users are able to filter the dataset, and extract only the required information. Additionaly users can further customize the output by removing data which is not of their interest.

Data obtained from the search is presented in tables and charts. Using these advanced visualisation options further improves the user experience offered from the application. The main goal of these visual elements is to present the data in more intuitive way.




Andreas Köhle

Project role(s): Documentation manager
Personal info: My name is Andreas and i'm a 27 years old master student from Kehl, Germany. I'm currently in my fourth semester studying Business Informatics at the university of Göttingen.  
Skills & Interests: Web application development with Java and Grails. Database modelling. Experience with human resource development processes and software. Sustainability in the supply chain.
Hobbies: Running, fitness, reading, cooking
Email: ake12001@student.mdh.se
, andreas.koehle@gmail.com

Other contacts: Skype: andreas_koehle Xing: https://www.xing.com/profile/Andreas_Koehle?sc_o=mxb_p
Personal Page:


Bal Krishna Nyaupane

Project role(s): QA manager
Personal info: I am from Nepal, Kathmandu. I am 29 years old.I completed Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering in 2008 March.  
Skills & Interests: After completion of my Bachelor degree , I had worked as lecturer at Advanced College of Engineering & Management.I was mainly responsible to conduct lecture/labs of Object oriented programming, Data Structure & Algorithm and Database Management System.I used C++ and SQL Server 2008 for the lab of above three subjects.For the front end i prefer to use .NET with c#.  
Hobbies: I often love to watch movie in threater and live football of league/Euro cup/World cup on TV . Love to visit new places in group.
Email: balkrishnanyaupane@yahoo.com
Other contacts: SKYPE: bal.krishna.nyaupane Facebook: http://facebook.com/balkrishna.nyaupane My email balkrishnanyaupane@yahoo.com balkrishnanyaupane@hotmail.com balkrishnanyaupane@gmail.com
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Predrag Filipovikj

Project role(s): Project Manager, Database Developer, Back-end developer, Front-end developer, Documentation manager

Personal info: born in Kumanovo, Macedonia. BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje - September 2011. Since October 2011 enrolled in MSc programme in Computer networks and e-technologies - Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (currently on hold).

From September 2012 MSc student at Malardalen University, programme Software Engineering 60p.

Languages: English and all ex-yu languages.

Skills & Interests: Extensive knowledge in: C#, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. Database modeling and querrying (UML, ER, SQL and T-SQL), XML, XSLT, DTD, XML Schema, JSON, JavaScript with some of the most popular libraries (jQuery, Backbone, Knockout, etc), HTML, CSS.

Hobbies: /
Email: predragku [at] gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype - predrag.filipovik
Personal Page:


Armindo Simões

Project role(s): Web Developer
Personal info: Hello. I'm Armindo, a Portuguese student currently in FER under the Erasmus program. I'm 21 years old, and I come from a small village in Barcelos, in Portugal. I study in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, and i'm in my master's degree in Informatics and Computing Engineering, 5th year. I like web development, computer networks and also computer graphics. That's about it :-)
Skills & Interests: Working in team and determination. I have also a huge amount of patience :-)
Hobbies: Listening music, reading books, doing origami (new passion!)
Email: armindorlsimoes@gmail.com
Other contacts: Emails - armindorlsimoes@gmail.com, ei08077@fe.up.pt Skype - asimoes91 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/armindo.securita
Personal Page:

Igor Šarić

Project role(s): SVN Master
Personal info: My name is Igor Šarić, I am 24 years old. I come from Zadar, Croatia where I finished mathematics gymnasium, after which I got accepted to FER and finished my 3 year undergraduate (BSc) study. Currently I am on my final year at FER on my 2 year masters (MSc) study, profile Software Engineering and Information Systems.  
Skills & Interests: I am mostly interested in software development. I am most familiar with .NET framework, particularly C#. I am also familiar with C++ (QT framework), Python, C, Bash.  
Hobbies: Biking, computer hardware.
Email: igor.saric2@fer.hr
Other contacts:

Gtalk/second email - karabaja4@gmail.com
MSN Live messenger - igsaric@gmail.com
Skype - karabaja44

Personal Page:

  Dino Blazeka

Dino Blažeka

Project role(s): Team Leader
Personal info: I am 22 years old and I was born in Čakovec, Croatia. Currently I'm studying computer science at the University of Zagreb.  
Skills & Interests: I have experience in developing web applications using Java, Spring, Hibernate, ExtJS and Groovy on Grails. I have also developed desktop applications mainly using C/C++ or Java.  
Hobbies: Playing bass guitar, chess.
Email: dino.blazeka@fer.hr
Other contacts:

GTalk: dino.blazeka@gmail.com

Facebook: dinoblazeka

Skype: dino.blazeka
Personal Page:



     Juraj Feljan (juraj.feljan [at] mdh.se)