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Ivan Škugor
Project role(s): Project Leader.
Personal info: 24 years old, born in Šibenik. Studying computer science at FER, a part time worker in one company (working on web based applications).
Skills & Interests: PHP (various PHP template engines also), (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery) [mainly], C, C++, C#, ASP.net, SQL, Java and much more [if needed]...I have some experiences working with clients (and their non resonable requests).
Hobbies: Free climbing, biking, all kind of art (but I'm not an artist myself).
Personal Page:
Email: ivan.skugor@gmail.com
Other contacts:


Željko Knežević
Project role(s): ASN.1 tree generator
Personal info: Born and living in Zagreb - Croatia, 5th year student

Skills & Interests: Automation, system maintenance and supervision
Hobbies: Nothing permanent, depends on the mood
Personal Page:
Email: E-mail
Other contacts: MSN

Željko Krpetić
Project role(s): 

Personal info:
28 years old, born in Rijeka. "Studying" computer science at FER, working as a consultant and freelance developer for few companies in Croatia and Slovenia.
Skills & Interests:

-C, some of C++ and C#  (especially C on small embedded systems)
- Pascal (& Delphi), various BASICs (I'm old, what can I say :))
- assembler for various platforms (Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR, ARM, x86)
- hardware design (schematic capture, PCB design, testing, pre-production, EMC/EMI/ESD protection)
- pretty good with algorithms and computer problem solving (I went to state competition 3 times)
- pretty good like a system analyst

reading, Formula 1, photography, electronics, popular Science
Personal Page:
Email: zeljko.krpetic@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype (zeljko.krpetic) 

Paolo D'Amelio
Project role(s):
Personal info: I'm Italian. Master student in Software Engineering,
in Sweden for 1 year.
Skills & Interests: Software Engineering, C#, C++, JAVA, SQL, Php, CSS, Testing, Stable Set Algorithms
Hobbies: Photografy, Motors, Swim, Parties
Personal Page: www.paolodameliogallery.it
Email: paolo at bucchianico.net
Other contacts: MSN:
paolo at bucchianico.net

Guido Di Campli
Project role(s): Documentation, eSNACC modification, Testing
Personal info: I'm Italian. Born in 28 of july in 1983. Im a GSEEM student.
Skills & Interests: Software engineering, C++, Java, SQL, PHP Testing, Architectural Reconstruction, asp.net etc...
Hobbies: Friends, Moto GP, Basketball (i love it), sports in general, cook, party, music (no particular kinds but actually im interesting in Gothic Metal) and RPG.
Personal Page: no personal page
Email: guido.dicampli@gmail.com
Other contacts: msn: liscios@hotmail.com, skype: liscios


Giovanni Piemontese
Project role(s): Member
Personal info: I'm Italian and I follow the Master in Software Engineering at Malardalen for 1 year.
Skills & Interests: Software Engineering, C, C#, JAVA, SQL, Php, ASP.NET, Testing, Model Differencing, Model Driven Architecture
Hobbies: Motors, Football, Internet
Personal Page:
Email: g.piemontese@gmail.com
Other contacts: Skype: ynnoig; Msn: gionny2@hotmail.it