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Jonas Wadsten
Project role(s): Team leader, documentation, web, database
Personal info:
Skills & Interests: web programming (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, CSS, DHTML, HTML ...), databases (SQL, MySQL, Access ...), programming (beginner at Java and C/C++)
Hobbies: snowboard, inlines, diving, travel, food
Pesonal Page: www.wadsten.nu/jonas
Email: jonas@wadsten.nu
ICQ: 33830163
MSN: jonaswadsten@hotmail.com

Muhammad Irfan Tahir
Project role(s): sourcecode, database
Personal info:
Skills & Interests: programming (Lotus Notes R5, PHP, ASP, XML, ASP.Net, C/C++, CSS, DHTML, HTML ...), databases (SQL, MySQL, Access, Oracle, SQLServer)
Hobbies: travel, snooker, bed minton
Pesonal Page:
Email: min04002@student.mdh.se

Zdenek Svoboda
Project role(s): web interface, documentation, testing
Personal info:
Skills & Interests: Delphi, Borland Pascal, PHP, HTML, Databases (MySQL, Access), Programming (beginner at C++)
Hobbies: snowboard, ice-hockey, travel
Email: zsa04001@student.mdh.se
ICQ: 208493173
MSN: e-fik123@seznam.cz

Zahid Mukhtar
Project role(s): chief of documentation + UML
Personal info:
Skills & Interests: Java programming, UML (analysis and design)
Hobbies: cricket, travel
Email: zmr04001@student.mdh.se
MSN: zahidmukhtar77@hotmail.com

Marko Bejuk
Project role(s): testing, documentation of tech stuff
Personal info:
Skills & Interests: signal processing (Matlab), VHDL design, C programming
Hobbies: skiing, mountain biking, table tennis, music
Email: marko.bejuk@fer.hr
MSN: MarkoB59@hotmail.com

Tihana Knaffl
Project role(s): programming c/c++, the core of the program (sourcecode master)
Personal info:
Skills & Interests: web programming (PHP, ASP, CSS, HTML ...), Databases (MSSQL, Informix), Programming (C/C++, C#)
Hobbies: skiing, motor boats, Star Trek, SF, travel, Hattrick, I like to read a good book, go to cinema
Email: tihana.knaffl@vip.hr
MSN: tihana2004@hotmail.com