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Sardar Kazim Mehdi
Project role(s): Team leader
Personal info: Karachi, Pakistan
Skills & Interests: C#, Asp.net , sql server 2000
Hobbies: cooking, spending time with family
Pesonal Page:
Email: ksr05002@student.mdh.se

Murali Krishna Ganta
Project role(s):
Personal info:
Skills & Interests:
Pesonal Page:
Email: mga05002@student.mdh.se

Muhammad Zaheer
Project role(s): Testing & Documentation
Personal info:  Pakistani
Skills & Interests: Networking
Hobbies: Traveling,music,reading books
Pesonal Page:
Email: mzr05001@student.mdh.se

Mohsin Qasim
Project role(s): Developing, Designing,Testing, Documentation, Librarian (Wincvs)
Personal info: from Lahore, Pakistan
Skills & Interests: Vb.net, ASP.net ,Networking
Hobbies: Base jumping, Traveling, Car Racing, Cooking
Pesonal Page:
Email: mqm05001@student.mdh.se

Okonkwo Isaac
Project role(s): software development and analysis
Personal info: Nigerian
Skills & Interests: Java programming
Hobbies: soft rock music, table tennis
Pesonal Page:
Email: oic05001@student.mdh.se