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    •   ehugne (2005-11-09 at 19:06) Omg first post
      Hey guys, lets dance! \o/
      •   ehugne (2005-11-09 at 19:12) Re. Omg first post
        Does anyone have the info needed to connect to the CVS server? i have login and password, but not the cvs path..
        •   msaleem (2005-12-05 at 15:06) Re. Re. Omg first post
          Host Adress: orson.rasip.fer.hr path: /var/cvsdsd/coco have a fun by Qaiser
              ehugne (2005-12-05 at 17:46) Re. Re. Re. Omg first post
            Maybe is should have locked the thread or something, but did you check the date of the op post? I hope you dont think i've been walking around for 1 month without cvs access ;p
            msaleem (2005-12-05 at 15:07) Re. Re. Omg first post
          i am facing problem in checking out the file please you try and let me know are you sucesfull
Published: 2006-01-18 at 09:39
Dear Project fellow
i hope all of you are fine.
All of our group memeber will participate from Zaghrab exept me ( Qaiser ). i m the only one group member in Vasteras. thats Great
hope you enjoyed the trip
Best Wishes
Published: 2006-01-10 at 15:04
To Quaiser:
Version mismatch is not a reason to start a new build tree in the CVS.
Doing so only results in that someone else has to do a diff,read through the code to add your changes to the current build.
Starting of a new build tree is something the project manager decides upon, and it should definately not be done in the root of the CVS repository.
Use the existing directories, /build for development builds

You are CVS responsible and should know better than this.

Current stable build of the designer tool is /build/LoCo Designer RC4

Published: 2006-01-04 at 10:39
We just found out that we cant get the alpha color channel to work as we want in the designer. This means that components that overlap another will have ugly white boxes around IO and setports.
The reason for this is that color alpha is calculated from the parent container, and pays no respect to the sibling controls in the same controlcollection.
As of now, we dont know how to solve this, and it's leaning towards that we won't implement the color-alpha on ports.
Published: 2006-01-03 at 09:25
Edited: 2006-01-03 at 10:08
Quaiser wrote:
1. I could not found the location of XML file from where I will get the images descriptions.

2. I am not able to get a way to code the second requirement because there is no component there in workspace area.

Eric Please provide some hints to solve the problems.

In reply to 1:
You should not need to know about the specific path etc to the graphics used to render the ports.
All component types/assemblies have a specific draw-behaviour defined in the onDraw method.
Use that instead, keep a reference to the "clicked component" in the repository, and update this by using your event.
Then you can set the location of the component type to 0-0, and add it as a control to the preview form.
(in the delegate method in the preview form that handles the "clicked repository" event)
Where 'e' is the reference to the clicked component type.

2. If by 'the second requirement' you are referring to the XML generation, this is handled internally by each type, and you do not need to worry about this.

I noticed you've updated the /prototype tree, this is an old build, and you should work with RC3 instead, which is the latest.
Although it shouldnt matter much to the preview window implementation as noone except you have been working with that form.